Sunday, March 02, 2008


I've been catching up on promised and procrastinated blocks. (Actually have one more to do that didn't make it to this post but maybe I'll get to it today.)

First off, I'm sending these wonky letter blocks to Tonya tomorrow. She asked for any stray letter blocks left-over from other projects and I had a pile that have no immediate use and if I can show my appreciation to her in any way at all, she has my support!

Then Tonya suggested a house warming party for Bonnie and I got on the band wagon and have made a wonky house to send to Bonnie. I'm not sure if I missed instructions but I couldn't figure out what size the block was supposed to be. I did get the red background right. Along with the wonky house I signed a signature square and I'll put that in the package. Also some crumb blocks. The crumbs are something I've been wanting to do but I really rushed through this job and maybe I don't understand crumb making yet. I have so many crumbs that I'd better get the process under my belt. Do you think these look like they're supposed to?

Then Clare invited me to make a square for her Leukemia quilts. Clare has suggested before and with good intentions I put the idea on the back shelf. I was really glad Clare suggested again and it made me think that the extra push is all that is needed to get a lot of things done in life but sometimes we aren't bold enough to make the push. Thank you Clare for nudging me. The instructions were to make a 8 1/2 inch block in red and white and I decided to make a square that depicts Japan. An origami crane! I'm quite pleased with myself because although I've made this block before it was a smaller version and I lost the instructions. Can't be too hard can it? I've made it before and I have the quilt right in front of me so I can see what I did so... I designed my own block! I'm going to keep this around because I can see me making this again.

And finally my basket block for the bazaar quilt. Mrs. Furui gave out homework on Thursday and I volunteered to do a basket. It is supposed to be a basket but I didn't have enough room for the basket handle (this block is going to be cut back a bit more) so it is more like a vase. Yeah! Homework finished!

And I needed my name on one block so I pulled out the embroidery thread.

Back to quilting.


Marilyn R said...

I just love your origami crane! How neat is that? I like the fabrics you chose for your basket block - all baskets don't have handles, so I would call yours a basket too!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wheee, I'm so excited to be getting these letters, although I feel guilty from taking them away from you.

great house for Bonnie - there was no size requirement. This gives Bonnie more fun in figuring out how to put them together.And yes, you did the crumbs correctly. There's not really any wrong way to do them. It's a bunch of scraps all sewn together, any way you want to. The magic comes when you put them together.

beautiful crane and great embroidered name!

anne bebbington said...

Lovely, lovely blocks across the board - most especially the crane

Mindy said...

I just love your origami crane!

I haven't done much embroidering in a while -- Yours looks great!

marisa said...

I like so much the block basket.
Beautiful quilt willage.Ciao

meggie said...

I love that crane block! Also the basket is beautiful. Have you thought about embroidering a handle? It would fit the block then,
Your name is lovely.

The Calico Quilter said...

I am constantly in awe of your fine workmanship. You quilt wonderfully, do beautiful accurate piecing, and now applique and embroidery! You inspire me!

Laurie Ann said...

Wow, that crane block is just fantastic!! And your use of fabric really makes it look thre dimensional. neat!! And your crumbs look just right!

atet said...

Oh, I love that crane block. It's perfect. Your crumb blocks and house for Bonnie look just right as well -- I'm sure she will love them!

Fuji Mama said...

I have seen other crane quilt blocks, but yours is by far my favorite. I love your choice of fabrics as well. Absolutely gorgeous.