Saturday, March 08, 2008


I need to make a correction or at least make an addition to yesterday's post. I showed a picture of all the things Cassi and her mother sent me from the States but it turned out her mother MADE the stationary goods! They were so professional I couldn't tell! Such a lovely set of things. The stationary box looks like it is made of a tin box that has been covered inside and out and it has an inside pocket to hold things. The paper clips are decorated, the pen is decorated and even the file clip has been covered and prettied up too. Isn't that amazing?

And even though I have other projects waiting (as you well know because I bemoan the fact every week that I'm not getting more done) I broke into the "BOOTIFUL" quilt kit that Cassi sent and have started putting it together. I must have a sickness that just cannot leave something new just sitting. If I let something sit in front of me awhile (website instructions, blog ideas, kits, ideas from books) my ignition sputters and stalls and I never get around to it at all. If I start something when I first get excited I'm more likely to see results.
Yesterday I figured out how to do fusible web applique so I've cut out all the "BOOTIFUL" pieces and fused everything to the backing. Hopefully before my ignition sputters I can get this machine appliqued. Then it is just a matter of putting on a border, sandwiching the quilt and machine quilting it. Easy right? Please hold me to that. Remember I do get sidetracked easily!


CONNIE W said...

Lovely gifts. You get more done than anyone I can think of. I wish I shared your self discipline. I have to fight off the lazies these days.

Shelina said...

Your boot looks great. It's a small project - just don't open any mail or look at any websites before you finish it up!

Marilyn R said...

The Bootiful quilt is going to be great! I too must have the same sickness. I have way too mamy projects going now but I am still tempted by new things to start!

meggie said...

Lovely stationary gifts! What a clever lady.
I love your Bootiful block! So pretty.