Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Hmmm. I had a frustrating day yesterday. Let's just say God was teaching me patience.

First off I needed to get in touch with the Social Security office to find out why Student Federal Aid (for Leiya) doesn't like my social security number. Leiya tried to handle it from her end but they suggested since it's my name and my number that I try to solve the problem.

So I called the American embassy. They told me everyone was at lunch and to call again at 2:00 so I called again at 2:00 and someone connected me to the Social Security office recorder who gave me numbers to punch. So I punched the number telling them I wanted to talk with someONE and then was connected to a recording that said,


So I called the Embassy again and hurriedly explained my problem (before I was connected to a recording again) and finally was connected to a person. ...Who listened politely to my problem. ...Who told me that there is no Social Security office in Japan anymore (so why all the buttons to push) and that I should call Manila, Philippines. Oh boy, this is getting complicated. But never fear, there is a free dial number so give them a call and they can solve my problem.

So I tried to call Manila only to get a recording (from my own telephone, the traitor!) telling me that my phone company will not allow free dial numbers. So I called my phone company and got a recording to leave my name and telephone number and state my problem. (I have so many now!)

I left that situation to boil and instead called my travel agent to see about airline reservations to Ohio in May. Sorry. Your agent has the day off. Call tomorrow.

Ok. Maybe a trip to the post office will make me feel I'm doing something worthwhile today. Nope. The post office didn't like my package since I wasn't sure where I was sending it. (My fault. I wasn't sure if I was sending mail to France or to America).

Bank stop. Nope. They didn't want to talk to me, they wanted to talk to my husband.

Back home to finally talk to the phone company who said Nope. There is no way you can make a free dial call from your phone. Find some other phone.

Go to the American Embassy website and get an e-mail address for the Social Security office in Manila and send them a desperate e-mail asking for help. No answer yet on that and the website informs me they are closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays and weekends anyway so I may not hear back for awhile.

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference."

Serenity Lord, I need serenity!


Anonymous said...

sorry mom! I kind of knew this was going to happen, that's why I didn't want to talk to the embassy about your SS#.

anyway, THANKS!

meggie said...

Oh dont you hate days like that!!
How frustrating for you. I hope it all gets sorted out.
Great picture!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

oh geeze, sounds awful. and oh nooooo I was part of the problem. so sorry I didn't give you the full address!!! hope things are dramatically better today!

anne bebbington said...

Well either serenity or the facility to exterminate the person who invented the 'Press 1 for appointments, press 2 for opening hours........' etc facility - I so feel for you Tanya, deep breath and some soothing hand stitching is Dr Bebbington's recommendation

anne bebbington said...

Well either serenity or the facility to exterminate the person who invented the 'Press 1 for appointments, press 2 for opening hours........' etc facility - I so feel for you Tanya, deep breath and some soothing hand stitching is Dr Bebbington's recommendation

Clare said...

I thought it was my fault. I've just double checked the email I sent you. At least, it was "her up the road" and not me LOL.

I hate days like that. Press 1 to speak to an idiot, Press 2 to speak to someone in India, Press 3 to speak to no one, Press 4 followed by hash to speak to a proper voice!

Hope you get the SS problems sorted. Best of luck!

Nancy said...


n, np

Jeanne said...

I so dislike those automated phone thingies! My DH says if you keep hitting the 0 key, you will get a human. Hope you get a reply soon.

The Calico Cat said...

WOW - that remindsa me why I dislike those phone tree thingies... Oh & if it makes you feel better, everyone in my office has to take a day to answer the phones during lunch... You only get our voice mail during non-work hours or emergencies.

Elaine Adair said...

My word - I thought it was only in America! It's a world-wide annoyance. I'm so sorry you had THAT day. It's just GOTTA get better than that.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Tanya, automated phone systems are such a pain...if you pardon the expression, it sometime takes an 'act of Congress' to speak to a live body. But on your social security number problem, I'm sure it is something as simple as you did not change you Social Security card to you married name. (I retired from Social Security Adm 3 years ago). If that is the case they will require you to complete an application for SSN and show them the document that proves the name change and current ID). Anyway, hope you get to speak to a knowledgeable live body soon! I adore your blog. Thanks for posting.

Beth said...

Oh I HATE those 'wheel spinning' days! I usually call my mother and say: "You TOLD me I would have days like this..but not HOW MANY...and HOW MANY IN A ROW!" At least then she is sympathetic! I hope you get a live person you can understand to help you solve your SSN problems!

andsewitis Holly said...

Wow, you had quite a day! How frustrating. Sounds like you need some fabric therapy :)

artfilstitch said...

What a day you must have had. This will certainly test every small bit of our being. Hope it is resolved very soon.
My definition of patience....The ability to idle your motor when you feel like striping your gear!
You have the patience of Job. :>)

Katie said...

Wow. No one should have a day like that! Sheesh!

The Calico Quilter said...

Poor dear, what a time you had! You have the patience of Job. After the third well-laid plan when ka-blooey in my face I would have thrown in the towel and gone to the nearest bookstore (my form of spa-day - immerse myself in books!)

atet said...

Oh my, after a day like that? I wouldn't just need serenity -- I would need chocolate! And a whole lot of it.