Friday, March 28, 2008

Stumpy the bear and his scarf

I didn't get much done yesterday but I don't know why.

Since the When-oh-When has been finished, I no longer have quilting hand work beside my chair so I've been busying myself with other things that I've always wanted to do but haven't found time for or felt too guilty to leave the When-oh-When to do it.

So my Unfinished Object that has been hidden away for months has been this weaving!

Weaving? Tanya doesn't do weaving. You're right. I don't. But my friend Mrs. Ide had this cute weaving frame that she showed us last fall. She had made a lovely little scarf with it and we all oohed and ahhed and she offered to set it up for the next person to try their hand. Mrs. Okusa went next and a couple of weeks went by and she too had a lovely scarf made by her own hand. My turn. Mrs. Ide set up the frame again and it was handed into my care, whereas I did a few rows. Whereas I put it back in it's box. Whereas it has been since the end of last year.

So finding myself quilt free I pulled out the box and went back to work on the weaving frame and it didn't take long to weave myself a lovely little scarf. Of course, this is no longer the scarf season so I guess it will go in the cupboard until the year's end but at least I did get another Work In Progress finished.

My scarf is slightly warped (one end is wider than the other) and the weave is tight is some places and loose in others but it was a learning project so I'll call it a success. It was fun to do but maybe not as satisfying as piecing and quilting. Maybe I like all the colors involved in quilting while this woven piece I chose to do is extremely simple and I never tried different colors of yarn. I can see doing more weaving if I tried a bit more challenging pattern but probably I'll continue to focus on patchwork and quilting.

To take a picture of my handiwork, I pulled out an old Teddy Bear that was sitting on my shelf to do the modeling honors. His name is Stumpy and he's been on the shelf since Takumi was in kindergarten. A wonderful bear because he is actually a puppet and one can put their hand into the back of him and make him have all sorts of expressions by just a tip of his head. A Teddy Bear with a lot of personality!

Unfortunately Stumpy is so old that he has lost his nose and was looking very moth eaten. I noticed that when I took the first picture so upstairs I went to find some black cloth and I fashioned Stumpy a new nose.

"Now hold still, I hate to stab your nose with this needle but it's for your own good."

And I would say a new nose does Stumpy wonders and he looks like a bear again!


Quilt Pixie said...

looks like your scarf will work well regardless of the width or density in spots ;-)

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Such a rejuvenated model! Love him and the scarf looks good on him.

anne bebbington said...

Looks like you did Stumpy a real favour - however did you manage to get him to sit still long enough for the surgery ;oP

Elaine Adair said...

He looks so handsome with his new, surgically altered nose.

Any future plans for liposuction, implants? LOL