Friday, March 07, 2008

Thank you my young friend!

Look what arrived in my mailbox! A very large package from a young friend named Cassi. I just answered a few questions and she thanked me by sending me all sorts of lovely things.

First of all there is a whole set of matching stationary goods, letter set, pen, clips, magnet, shopping list, key chain etc. They all have matching little flowers and ribbons!

Next there are two craft books, one about scrap booking and another to use with children. I often am wracking my brain to think of crafts to do with my English students and at Sunday School so these books are a treasure trove. Maybe I can get some of my students more interested in English just by helping them make cards (with English lettering) using the scrap booking magazine.

And finally Cassi included a wonderful quilt kit with a cheery Cowboy boot. It is called BOOTIFUL! Hey, this doesn't look too hard and I think it would be a very appropriate quilt to have hanging in my house reminding everyone (and me!) that my roots are in America!

Cassi and her mother were so generous with their lovely gifts. Cassie will be visiting Japan in the near future so I hope I can hear what her impressions are of Japan and pass along any comments from her.

Thank you Cassi!


DomesticShorthair said...

How very cool and fun!

artfilstitch said...

How thoughtful of Cassie! I look forward to seeing your Bootiful when it is finished. Hope she loves Japan, the people seem very much focused in my opinion.

Shelina said...

What a wonderful package of stuff - and so very thoughtful of Cassie to think to give it to yu.