Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A BIG purchase!

Ta-da! I will have you know that I am sitting at the kitchen counter in my brother's home typing on MY NEW LAPTOP COMPUTER! Yep, I did it. But not without a lot of inner examining. Do I want a new computer? Yes. Do I need a computer? Yes. Do I want to buy a computer in the States? I don't know. It might be nice to finally be able to understand what flashes on the screen but I have managed with the Japanese one for many years. Ok. Do I just want to go back to Japan and buy one? Maybe. It might be more expensive there, but then again maybe not. I might not be able to get the coverage with an American computer but Tetsu would probably just get annoyed with the whole purchasing process. I had Takumi (from Japan), Marcy, Keion and Leiya behind me saying

"Just do it." so I did it!

My mom helped me finance it too and that was a big sway. Thank you Grandma and all! I just hope I can figure out how to do what I could do on the old computer.


artfilstitch said...

I think you made a good decision...
Marcy, Keion, Takumi and Leiya cheered you on and who in their right mind would turn down the great financing. Wow! You are going to need a U-haul trailer hitched to the rear of the plane tomorrow for transporting all of your purchases and goodies back to Japan.
What fun you will have unpacking.

Connie W said...

You will love having a new one. They're so fast and should make blogging even more fun than ever. Congratulations on the new purchase.

Connie W said...

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Amanda said...

How lucky are you! Isn't it exciting though, to get a new laptop. I'm sure you'll be happy that you made the right decision, and what fun you'll have learning to 'drive' it. Enjoy the rest of your trip - and the packing!

Quilt Pixie said...

good for you! Hope you have many hours of fun and few if any problems :-)

ozjane said...

Given that laptops get carried around the world and you have contacts from the area in which you purchased in, I cannot imagine you will be at all sorry.
I can imagine you having a lot of fun.
I need to upgrade sometime soon and usually stick to desktop so I can go to the factory and add or change bits but I must admit a laptop is calling me........maybe I will wait till it is nursing home days.........grin.

VERO said...

Buena compra !!!!
Te lo mereces !!!

Hugs from Chile , Vero

Katie said...

Oh, visits go so fast. I love my laptop and carry it between Michigan and Florida twice a year. They are easy to take on the plane with you. They have some nice cases for doing this but most are to carry over your shoulder. I put mine in a small suitcase with wheels and that fits under the seat. It is also big enough to hold my cords, mouse (I prefer a regular mouse rather than the built in one but that is only my preference.) my medicine, camera and important papers I must carry. The one thing that I would recommend is buying a fan to put your laptop on. It plugs into a port (hope you got plenty)and comes on when you open the computer. I put my computer on my lap to use and this makes it cooler.
Laptops are known for generating heat and I think I fried my first two by this overheating. I'm hoping that the fan will prevent this. The fan is very inexpensive. Hope your trip goes fine.