Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another blogging friend!

I have just spent an hour talking to a wonderful blog friend over the phone!!! Yesterday I received a very large box, filled with fabric and other goodies from Elizabeth in Alabama! Liz is another blog friend who doesn't really keep a blog but you know her as Artfilstitch because she comments almost everyday on my blog. Liz had hoped she'd be able to get up to Ohio while I was there since she had business in the general area (still, that's a big general area!) but our schedules didn't match. Instead Liz sent me this box of gorgeous hand-dyed fabric that a friend of hers makes and also in the box were cat fabrics, foot creams, bath soaps, a quilt kit, backings etc.! A treasure trove! Again Grandma (who still can't quite understand what blogging is) says

"Now, who is this person? How does she know you so well? Why did she send you all this nice fabric? Where did you meet her?"

And I try to explain, but it is pretty awesome that through the Internet we can make such friendships and bonds and it's all a bit over my mother's 86 year old head.

This morning I called Liz to thank her for her box and we chatted for a whole hour! Liz is a fantastic person with a myriad of interests! She is a quilter (of course) but she also is a musician, and a traveler. Liz has been to Japan (she went to the Tokyo quilt show this past January but we didn't know each other then) and what an adventuresome spirit! She even took a couple classes while she was at the quilt show,

"I can't speak Japanese but I can sew so I could figure out what we were supposed to do!"

Now, I call that spunk!

It was so funny hearing her talk about her stay in Tokyo and to have her say,

"Tanya, have you been to Nippori? No! I can't believe it! You must go to Nippori! They have some wonderful fabric there and the prices are so good. How about ....? You really should get there.

Made me wonder which one of us lives in Japan!

We talked about church and traveling, classes we've taught or been to, things we are making, our families and of course blogging. Liz had been having trouble getting pictures on the blog that she once started so though she has quilts and quilt shows that she wants to post about she hadn't been able to figure it out yet. I gave a couple suggestions but I think Liz, you're just going to have to play around a bit and take the trial and error approach.

Even though we have never met, (hopefully Liz is going to make another jaunt to Japan in the next year or so) we clicked right away and it was hard to get off that telephone.

Thank you Liz for all the beautiful fabrics and I'm planning on delving into the quilting kit as soon as possible!


Shelina said...

The internet is indeed a wonderful place to make friends, and enlarge and enrich our world. What a lovely gift set!

Chocolate Cat said...

I had to laugh, I have spent the last few days trying to explain to my Mum and aunts what blogging is and why I am recieving parcels (and sending them)from people around the world that I call friends but have never met!!

artfilstitch said...

Enjoyed our conversation very much today. Wouldn't it be nice if an International Convention could take place...then we could all meet,share stories, and whatever else. Hope you enjoy the additions to you Fabric Resource Center;aka stash. :>)
(working on the blog)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

how wonderful. my husband doesn't understand the whole concept either. you've never met her, but she's sending you stuff. you know her how? Congrats on the new computer!