Sunday, June 08, 2008

At the lake

Spontaneity is the key to having a good time. At least at my brother's house. Yesterday at 10:00am we were sitting around saying,

"What do you want to do today?"

"I don't know. What do you want to do?"

and by 11:30 we were out on the road and heading out with Sea Doos to a lake.

What is a Sea Doo? I guess it is a big water motorcycle and my brother has two. That seemed strange to me since as a child my family was never into water sports and I didn't even know there were any lakes around here. (Southern California is VERY dry!) I guess my brother's family goes out to a river a few hours away once a year but yesterday morning a friend invited them to a lake about an hour away so we packed up the car, bought some sandwiches, hooked up the Sea Doos and were off (left Grandma home with a sandwich!)

What a great day! The family friends had brought along a boat and we all sat on the lake shoreline under a canopy and chatted or read magazines or went out riding on the lake. I've never done that before and never did get up the courage to take the Sea Doo out on my own, but I hung on to Marcy and got soaked and sun burned! Keion (my brother) was out with Leiya and my niece and we zoomed around the lake until Keion's Sea Doo flipped but thankfully only the sunglasses were irretrievable. What a lot of laughs!

Leiya tried weight boarding (never heard of that term before but it is sort of like water-skiing) but I don't think she ever managed to really get up on the board and most of my pictures just look like big splashes in the water. "She's down there somewhere!"

Ah, the wind blowing in your hair! The sun beating overhead! The lake water cresting over the boat as we sped through the water! Everybody hang on tight!

By sunset we were all tired and ready to load up and meander on back to the boat launch area to hook up the boat and the Sea Doos but wouldn't you know it, one of the Sea Doos stalled so it had to be tugged across the lake. An anti-climactic finish to the day, but everyone stayed in good spirits and my brother's philosophy of life is that problems are part of the fun.

No problems for me (as I know nothing about boats, Sea Doos, lakes etc.) and I had A LOT of fun!


Beth said...

Tanya, I think its real name is 'wake boarding" as in riding a board in the wake of the boat. I'm so bummed that you are in the states and I still wont' get to see you...:::sigh::: I am enjoying the pictures tho. I'm sure we will visit California this summer..but just my luck, it will be WAYYYY after you return to Japan. DRAT

roberta said...

Glad you are having a lot of fun with your family ! I'll be leaving venice on tuesday for la mirada. I'll appreciate your prayers... Will try to get in touch..Roberta

artfilstitch said...

You are brave souls....sea dooing! Looks like everyone had a great time together. Southern California is a Big Toy Paradise. Glad you had a good day with family and friends! The photos are wonderful!

anne bebbington said...

Some of our most fun days as a family have been out on the water, but canoeing rather than more motorised forms of transport - sun, water and fresh air - and then a bbq back at home - good times!

Shelina said...

I just love being around water. That sounds like such a lovely day!