Friday, June 13, 2008

More and more pillowcases

I've been wondering if I have an obsessive personality.

At Marcy's request, I figured out how to make pillowcases. We've gone to Jo Ann's numerous times this week to look at fabric for Marcy. But of course, if I'm going to teach someone how to do this, then I need to do it myself so I bought some fabric. And then made pillowcases. And then got more fabric and made more pillowcases. And then taught Marcy, then Kiana, and finally Colin. And when no one else was using the sewing machine, made still more pillowcases. I think at last count Marcy had made 4, Kiana, 3, Colin 1 and me 13! I do not have 13 pillows so 2 are going to Takumi (he was very happy to get them too! He said he was sleeping with naked pillows!) 2 go to Leiya, I get the cat pair and wanted to make a matching pair in dog fabric. I found dog fabric and made 2 pillowcases and then went to a different Jo Ann's (same day) and found some dog fabric that I loved even more so I made another pair. That still is only 10 but I decided that since I'd found the pillowcase instructions on a website asking for pillowcase donations that I wanted to make a couple and send to them, so that is where the other 3 pillowcases are headed as soon as I get them washed. Marcy just announced that she has new coupons for Jo Ann's and she wants to make another stop today. I'm not complaining!

Oh, and look at this great fabric I found for my dog pillow cases. Some of you may remember that I had a badge on my sidebar at one time with the same illustration. I just loved it with the doggy and kitty kissing, and the dog's black and white spots remind me of Choco. I snatched that fabric up with no thought at all!

Here is Colin working away on his pillowcase. He saw Kiana at the sewing machine and announced that "sewing isn't just for girls you know" so at age eight he has made his first pillowcase and now understands the principles of using a sewing machine. Both kids seem quite proud of their creations!

Here is the link to the ConKerr Cancer Organization. Their motto is "A case for smiles" and they offer the official directions for pillowcase making. As you can see, even kids can sew up a pillowcase so give a child a lesson and think about sending an extra pillowcase to their organization!


Elaine Adair said...

Obsessive? carried away? nahhhhh, just using your time wisely! They are all just wonderful - bright and cheery

But your productivity is rather amazing, and how wonderful to teach the youngsters something VALUABLE!

Beth said...

I made some pillowcases last year for a lady who requested them in my chat room (I think). If I remember correctly, she was in PA also. I bet it was the same group. I had NO Problems stashdiving for cute stuff! I LOVE that dog./cat fabric. I have a gift certificate to JoAnns...I MAY just have to mosey over there and get some! I helped a young man on Monday sew his 1st pillow. Next week, we will tackle string blocks!

Katie said...

What a nice way to introduce youngsters to sewing and to know about making things for others. I have been inspired. I can do this. And I will. Thanks for the inspiration.

artfilstitch said...

Hello Tanya,
Have you been to Joann's this afternoon? :>) "just kidding"
I love the dog and cat fabric...we don't have a Joann's in our city, only Hancocks's. (I prefer Joann's)
It is wonderful that you have chosen the pillowcase as your teaching project. What a memorable time you have had introducing so many to the sewing world. You will certainly get a lot of stars in your Crown.

meggie said...

I really love that you are teaching young ones to love sewing.
I once worked with a most creative young man, who loved to sew!

Chocolate Cat said...

I love that 'dog and cat kissing' fabric! Would of had to snap it up too!!