Monday, June 09, 2008

Pillow cases

Good morning! Back from a walk and checking in. As some of my blogger friends have noticed, I haven't been replying to comments and now I'm so behind I'm drowning. I guess I'll just apologize, and if you'll bear with me I'll try to get back to a normal routine when I get back to Japan and my own computer at the end of June. I do love hearing from you though. Another apology is that I haven't been visiting blogs much either since I don't have 24 hour computer access. (I trade off between my brother's computer, Leiya's and my niece's. You'd think with all those computers around I could find one free...) At 7:00 am, yes, but when people are awake I try to stay away from the computers and socialize instead. Hope you'll realize I'm not ignoring you...

Let's see... someone asked me if I could put a translator on my blog sidebar but I'm afraid I don't know how to do that. If anyone knows how would they let me know. I probably won't get around to that until a later date too but I can see how a translator link might be helpful even for my husband!

Okay, the big news is that I was sewing! Yeah! We went to JoAnn's yesterday and I bought some fabric so that I could try my hand a pillow case making. Kiana, my niece was semi-enthusiastic to the project when we first suggested it to her. Nevertheless, had my brother set up a sewing table complete with TWO sewing machines, an ironing board in the corner and a fancy set of sewing threads. My brother and Marcy had given Kiana (earlier mistakenly posted as 14, she informed me she'll TURN 13 this month) her own sewing machine but it still wasn't out of the box yet. I don't think anyone had checked the instructions on how to thread the thing yet.

Let me at it! I had that machine threaded and humming in a few minutes. It must be instinct. Whipped up a pillow case in no time and was embarrassed at how thrilled I could be with this extremely simple sewing project. Of course I chose cats for my pillow case fabric.

Kiana sure got the bug when she saw the finished result and together we started measuring and cutting her fabric too. No long quilter rulers in this household, no rotary cutters and cutting boards. Marcy was saying we could go out and get a set for Kiana, but honestly, unless someone in the family is going to start quilting I think quilter's rulers and tools would just get forgotten in a back closet. I started in with scissors years ago so why shouldn't Kiana?

Kiana quickly put together a Snoopy pillow case and enjoyed herself so much that she was anxious to start another so at 8:30 pm Marcy, Kiana and I made a trip to WalMart to get Kiana more fabric. I say Kiana, but I ended up buying enough fabric for 4 more pillow cases! Hey, I'm not going to have enough time to start and finish a quilt while I'm here, but maybe I can make pillow cases and leave them for Takumi or Leiya or someone.

Yeah Kiana! Hope the pillow cases done this week will lead to a love for sewing for the rest of your life!


Elaine Adair said...

Oh my, there's NOTHING like seeing enthusiasm on a new sew-er! How rewarding!

NO ONE expects you to keep up with blogs while on vacation! Just have fun.

Mary said...

I keep thinking I should make some pillowcases to gift quilts in but I never seem to get around to it. These look like fun and hey, sewing is sewing!

I'm so far behind on most of my blog reading that I'll probably never catch up.

artfilstitch said...

Tanya, You are on vacation...enjoy every minute with your family. You are a great inspiration to a whole bunch of people...including me. The pillowcases are great gifts to give...when you have to leave for Japan, they can have sweet dreams of you as their little heads are lying on your pillowcases. How Sweet!

Lynne in Hawaii said...

Tanya, now you've done it! I'm just gonna have to make some pillow cases now. Maybe for Christmas gifts. You have such enthusiasm and inspire us! Enjoy your family. I'll be doing the same thing end of June until mid July.

Chocolate Cat said...

How wonderful that you could share such a special experience with your niece. Even if she never sews again I bet she will always treasure her pillow case and the lessons you have taught her! Don't apologise for not answering comments or visiting, gosh, you're on holidays!! and spending time with family and friends is far more important. You'll soon catch up with your blogging friends when you return to Japan. Have fun!!

meggie said...

Please Tanya, just relax & have fun! Don't stress about your blog pals- we can be patient, & dont expect you to read, or answer us.
I love that Kiana got enthused about sewing!

Shelina said...

Since you are on vacation, there is no need for you to do any blogging of any kind - reading or answering messages, reading posts, writing posts. Okay, even when you are not on vacation, there are no requirements. I'm glad you are writing posts though so we can see what you are up to. Both pillow cases are wonderful - a great way to get Kiana into sewing.