Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday we took Scrappy to get a vaccination and I was interested to see the small differences in animal care. Scrappy's reminder postcard and even the receipt had his picture on it and I'm taking those home to show my vet. I liked the cheery scrubs that the doctors, nurses, technicians and receptionists wore. Colorful scrubs haven't hit Japan yet and I think I've only seen white or light green ones. I was surprised that the vaccination was administered in nose drops instead of by shots. Don't think that technology is available in Japan yet. And I was even interested in the system where for vaccinations, the technician or nurse or whatever will administer those two days a week so that you don't have to see a vet and then the cost is a quarter of what it would be on normal days. That sounds like an excellent system!

In the evening chubby Cassie went to get a shampoo and trimming. She was looking hot and bloated before she went in but now she looks like a dog again. A cool dog with all that fur gone. Scrappy had to get his nails cut too and both dogs seem to find the grooming process easy and enjoyable.

Talk about trimming. Leiya asked me to trim her hair since she was getting split ends. She was NOT happy when I cut off a hunk (that I still think needed to be cut off!) and kept insisting that my evening things up was going to make it worse. I don't think I did such a bad job.

And just so that she could get back at me, I asked Leiya to trim my bangs too. My curly hair is pretty forgivable no matter what you do to it so I'd say Leiya did a good job and I'm satisfied.

All of us furry creatures are looking good!


Mary said...

Chesty always looks so good when he comes home from the Beauty Parlour too!

I forget which one of the vaccines is given up the nose but I think Chesty hates that worse than the ones given by injections.

Amanda said...

I don't think nose drops have arrived here yet either - but then I have a cat, not a dog and I't like to see anyone try to get drops up a cat's nose! You should have a beauty show now you're all so well groomed.