Saturday, July 19, 2008

Life's a Patchwork

Look what goodies arrived by mailman yesterday all the way from Alabama!

Elizabeth had e-mailed me to say that she was sending me a new quilting book that she had found, but she also included two quilt pattern directions, some embroidery patterns, a lovely quilting message about life, a fat quarter of batik fabric and an absolutely wonderful CD of praise and worship music (which I am listening to as I blog)!

Whatever am I going to do?! However am I going to do all the things that I now want to do?! The book called "Woven Quilts" looks so enticing! I need to get my head screwed on right and figure out some fabrics and set aside a time to concentrate on this. Oh no! What about all the other projects that are waiting for me to get back to them! Elizabeth had already sent me a huge box of fabric earlier this summer and there was a wonderful kit included in that with hand-dyed fabrics. THAT was going to be my next start up project!

I am in heaven, thinking and planning and browsing and fingering. I really must schedule a sewing day!

Life's a Patchwork

Stitch a little bit
Of lovin'
Add a lot of tender
Sew together with
Some kindness,
Let the sun shine
Choose a pattern
For your life's work,
Add some fun
Along the way;
Life is like a valued
Keep it precious
Day by day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Liz!


Amanda said...

What a wonderful suprprise. I know how you feel about 'what to do next'. My head's buzzing with ideas, and I've got far too many books adding yet more ideas, and yet I seem to have plenty of projects on the go at the moment. I'm trying to get them all finished or up to date so that I can start something new. But what? Fun, isn't it?

artfilstitch said...

You are so very welcome! I hope you enjoy the book, it looks interesting.

indra said...

this is very exciting. i'm waiting for you comment in my blog. tx

Quilting Journey said...

You are doubly blessed, Tanya! A wonderful assortment of gifts and a dear friendship, besides. And the gift only continues to grow because all of us are so fortunate to have you and all that you do and share in OUR lives!!!

roberta said...

hi Tanya ! When we shopped at calico house i bought the same book....can't wait to do something with it , it is very interesting. I always find your blog so interesting and fun to read and now that i know you a little better i read it with even more gusto !!! Love Roberta