Saturday, July 05, 2008

Morning work

My wonderful son has saved the day again and has been working on my computer since early this morning. I now am wireless and at a tremendous speed (I wasn't connected properly on the old computer to begin with) and right now Takumi is saving stuff for me so that he can do "recovery" on the old computer. Hopefully I'll use the laptop for main things and have the desk top for backup stuff. Takumi still needs to get the printer and the scanner set up but it sounds like those will get connected too. Thank you Thelma, for the hints. Takumi's going to check the website out after he does recovery for me. Here is Takumi using three computers (his own laptop too) wading through websites and instructions. Excuse the messy room in the picture.

While Takumi has been on the computer, Tetsu has been out in the yard all morning making a deck for Choco. Choco can get so muddy and the yard gets so dug up that Tetsu decided to build her a deck so she has someplace to sleep without being in the dirt or mud (she had a place before too but she always CHOSE the dirt. This way she won't have a choice). The doghouse has been moved inside the kennel so that she has some shade in the few hours that the sun hits the back yard and later, Tetsu's planning to put up a divider so that she can't see people walking by the yard (the reason for most of her barking.) Choco had already managed to break the fence behind her so Tetsu just removed it entirely and we have a clear view of the forest behind us.

And while my two men folk were being so industrious I started washing windows and screens downstairs. Not finished by all means, but the dining room windows and the entry way windows are sparkling. I don't LIKE washing windows but I do believe that having a clear view of the world around you and letting all the light in makes for a happier disposition. I have been known to go over to friends' houses and wash their windows for them when they seem down or upset. This is my personal theory and no one has ever said that the clean windows has pulled them out of depression, but I think it must have some positive affect.

Now that we've worked so hard we are off to the movies!


Amanda said...

Thank goodness for 'techie' sons! My youngest hasn't a clue, but Oliver, my older son, is brilliant. He rushed in on his way home from work yesterday to sort out a problem for us. I'm always awestruck watching him work. Can I give you a call next time I feel down, and you can come over and do my windows for me!!!

Quilt Pixie said...

sounds like a very productive and rewarding day was being had by all! I'm sure you will all benefit from the day's work :-)

paula, the quilter said...

I am currently fixing up Auntie's condo to sell. I almost forgot about the windows. Thank you for reminding me. But first I need to finish up the kitchen and then the bathroom. The last things before I hand it over to a realtor will be the windows. O and putting some rubbing alcohol on the faucets -- that really makes them shine! Then maybe I can concentrate on my house.

Julie said...

Hmmm, I need to clean my windows I think! Lucky you to have a son that can help you with those computer problems. And Choco's deck looks very nice!

Christine Thresh said...

What a productive household! Busy, busy day.
I think it is really neat that you wash windows for friends when they are feeling down.

Maya Madhavan said...

Wow! That is a lot of work all of you did. I wish we got around to cleaning our windows. Isn't it interesting that we don't notice the layer of dust on it till we look closely and then all we can see is the dust/dirt?!
I loved the picture of Choco and the new deck. That is a lovely location for a home - having all that lovely green to look out at.

artfilstitch said...

What productivity abounds at your house! Would you like a job?..."Will work for Fabric" :>)
You would be worth a lot more than fabric..Glad your computer is working, and Choco has a nice place to laze around.