Saturday, August 09, 2008

An Orange and Cherry flimsy

I've done some sewing, and I've had helpers! I spent the last two sweltering days turning my Orange and Cherry Jubilee into a flimsy! (Notice that I can't get it all laid out in my minuscule room.)

I am absolutely terrible in math (how many times have I said that on this blog?) and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I was supposed to do to get those borders to fit. I kept measuring and had numbers here there and everywhere and couldn't figure out what number meant what. Every time I measured I'd get a new number! And since this project had a lot of bias, then the edges very easily stretched. That meant that my inner border (which I swear I measured correctly) seemed much too small for the quilt when sewing it on. Persevere! I know a too long border will give a wavy effect but how about a too short border? A tent effect?

Takumi would wander in and out of the room and hear me muttering and he commented that I sure seemed to be having a lot of problems with my quilts.

"The bigger the quilt the more problems."

That's not really true but it seems like it in my case and it made me sound philosophical.

Patora took great interest in the sewing process and plopped herself down on the quilt as I sewed. Now, that makes sewing a challenge!

Choco just wanted some fabric to sit on and she didn't really seem to care whether it was stuff being auditioned or the quilt itself. I had a laugh last week when Calico Quilter asked if Choco was taking quilt testing lessons from the cats. As much as am horrified that I'd let her just sit on this (remember, she is basically an outside dog with muddy feet and all) I thought she looked very pretty sitting on my quilt and love these pictures of her.

Look at those beautiful brown eyes! Usually Choco's eyes fade away into the black around her face when I take pictures, so this is one of the few good pictures I've taken of her.


Elaine Adair said...

My, my - Chaco is exactly the right color/value against your quilt!

BTW, that's a very impressive quilt - how pretty it turned out.

And I commiserate with you, about the difficulties with borders - they NEVER measure the same!!! Especially the big ones, and there you are, on the floor, measuring and remeasuring, usually in a limited space. Good luck!! - it's going to be a winner.

Amanda said...

I'm so impressed with anyone who managed to make the quilt that Bonnie planned. The borders were a step too far for me. Your quilt is looking lovely, and will be terrific once it's completed.

Kathie said...

the quilt turned out beautiful and I just love the yellow border, perfect choice.
will you hand quilt this one too?
I hope so.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Wow! Fantastic quilt, Tanya, warm and wonderful color choices... Choco has definitely claimed my heart with that final photo! Great post.

andsewitis Holly said...

It is so pretty, Tanya. I love those yellow borders. If I make this quilt, I want to follow your color scheme. I got a chuckle out of Choco wanting to lay on fabric, too. Aren't animals just the funniest things sometimes?

Kathy Wagner said...

Wonderful! Great job on the borders...I know how hard it is and can agree that the bigger the quilt is, the more problems there are!
Love your photo of Choco...she has such a calming look on her cute face!

The Calico Quilter said...

Your Orange and Cherry flimsy looks yummy! I know we all fantasize about having a big open room to spread out our work. Whenever I pin baste a top or trim a new quilt I have to move the coffee table. You know what's the best thing about my upcoming Delectable Mountains Whirligig (don't know what else to call the thing)? Almost no bias! I had to put the diagonal log cabin on hiatus because it was making me nuts. Talk about stretchy!

Mary said...

She's beautiful and I'd certainly let her on my quilts.

meggie said...

Choko looks so adorable in that photo! Who could resist her.
Our dogs need to test drive our quilts, just as cats should.
I love you quilt, it has turned out beautifully.
I cannot 'do' maths either. Hate trying to figure out measurements- which is why I have so many scraps!

artfilstitch said...

Choco is a beautiful fellow, his eyes are piercing and goes straight to my heart. Belongs on your quilt..looks like a painting. I love your quilt and the colors blend so well.

Chocolate Cat said...

Choco is looking gorgeous. Jess wonders why I won't let her sit on my fabric??!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

congrats on the flimsy - it's gorgeous and bright. great pics of the furry helpers too.