Thursday, August 07, 2008

Chopstick holder? Pen case? Glasses case?

Japan is becoming very ecologically minded and "My-Chopsticks" are being promoted. The theory is that rather than using the disposable wooden chopsticks that come with most meals, everyone should carry around their own personal chopsticks that can be washed and reused. The other day I stumbled across a chopstick holder and thought that this would be a fast and easy project. I got out fabric and the sewing machine and gave it a try.

This is all very iffy.
Cut a square of fabric about 12". (I made two.) I used some curtain swatches that someone had once given me for patchwork but they were too heavy.

Fold fabric in half to make a triangle.

Sew edge to the center point and stop about an inch from the opposite edge. Do the other side the same.

Clip corners (Well, not the center corner) and turn inside out.

Fold the unsewn point triangle in and insert an 8" piece of string or cording with a knot tied at the outer end.
Top stitch around the whole piece with extra back stitching to hold the cording.

Finished! Ten minutes top!

So, how do you use this?

Fold the edges in, roll up the triangle from the long end and slip the cording under the last roll of cording. Pull tight if necessary. No real tying is needed.

Now I know not many of you need a portable chopstick holder, but how about an easy pen and pencil case? I think this would work just as well. Hey, look! I just threw my reading glasses on there and they roll up pretty nicely too! Better than tossing them as is into my purse!

As an extra thought. Don't you think extra quilt blocks could be used this way? I'm just thinking that as I type it so I haven't tried it yet but maybe... Would you need to put a triangle of batting in it? Hmmm... Something else for me to try...


Janet C said...

That's a great idea and good instruction. Thank you.

jovaliquilts said...

So clever! I love the idea. Thanks for sharing!

artfilstitch said...

You are so creative. This would certainly protect your eyeglasses. I know a lady that carries her own silverware when going out to eat in a restaurant because she fears the utensils are washed properly..
what a fobia! Maybe she needs one of these. This would also be good for a comb, fingernail file,etc. Thanks for the instructions.

BrendaLou said...

Tanya, what a great idea! I'm going to make one today for my glasses....I need to always wear my glasses or sunglasses. I could roll up the pair I"m not using and stow in my purse.

Mary said...

It's a neat idea but my first thought was what happens after you use the chopsticks...I wouldn't think you'd put the dirty ones back in the do you run to the restroom and clean them first? Silly question I know but I can't imagine carrying my silverware back and forth with me.

I can easily see using it for glasses - in a pinch, if I don't have a case for my glasses, I roll them up in a batting scrap.

Fuji Mama said...

Such a fun idea! I love the simple construction.

meggie said...

I am like Mary, & have to worry about washing the utensils, be they chopsticks or cutlery!