Saturday, August 30, 2008

Clouds and rain

For the past week we've had rain almost everyday and in the evenings and at night the lightning and thunder have shaken our teeth! I don't mind thunder and lightning but Cleo cowers under the sofa and when the house starts shaking the other cats go running too.

My part of Japan certainly isn't lacking in water! In fact there has been flooding in the next city over and every day the news lets us know when we can expect the next deluge. In June we are in the rainy season and it rains everyday. In August we have lightning storms. Next month it will be typhoons.

Yesterday evening I took Choco for a walk and noticed the beautiful clouds billowing over the hills. Southern California doesn't often get these nimbuses but they are often seen in Japan during this season. I ran back and got the camera but within half an hour the sky had turned dark and the rains had started again. The night was filled with flashes and crashes but at least my neighborhood is none the worse this morning. The rice fields were overflowing onto the roads and into the stream but the temperature has cooled off a bit.


Marilyn R said...

I loved the photos of the clouds. Beautiful! I wish we had little of that rain that is falling in Japan!

Amanda said...

I love to hear real thunder. We get the odd thunderstorm here, but they're pretty feeble, nothing like the thunder and lightning you get near the mountains. Rosie, the cat, doesn't like it at all and hides under the bed, but I'll stand by the window and watch until it passes over.

Clare said...

We get skies similar to that. I love really big thunderstorms. My Mum taught me never to be frightened of them - they don't do any harm.

Looking at the photo of the water streaming down the road reminds me of the weather to come and it's in the lower 30's here at the moment!