Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Takumi's pictures

A long day yesterday but I guess Takumi had a longer one. It took us a little over 4 hours to get to the airport (including time out for lunch) but the traffic was very light. We had expected a start and stop trip all the way to the airport but all the people that were supposed to be traveling weren't on our roads! We arrived early for check-in and so we waited around in the airport for another 2 hours. Saw Takumi and his skateboard off in the afternoon and then Tetsu and I had another 4 hour drive back. One glitch in the day that I'll write about tomorrow, but all in all it was a very easy trip. Takumi should be back in the States by now but no message from him yet.

I think Takumi had a great summer! Probably the next time he gets back to Japan he and his friends won't be so carefree and untied. Of course he got to do his paragliding, he managed his skateboard trip to Hokkaido, he and his friends went out late at night catching beetles (what little boys they still are!) and jumped off boulders into the river. They must have had long talks about what their dreams for the future are and even Tetsu and I heard a little about Takumi's thoughts on education goals, career plans and future relationships. Interesting to see these rough, strutting youngsters turning into thoughtful caring adults.

And ahead of him Takumi has to find a place to live, a new part time job and get officially enrolled in college. I hope he doesn't suffer from too much jet lag!

Tetsu and I had a great summer too and it was nice to have my son spread out around the house for over a month!


andsewitis Holly said...

Tanya, what a wonderful son you have. I'm glad he took the time to reconnect with his beginnings. I'm sure the three of you have many happy memories of this summer. I absolutely love the picture of Takumi holding the three cats. That's priceless! Made me laugh.

senchia said...

oh yah! It put a smile on my face when I see the picture of Takumi holding the three cat!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I know you'll miss having him at home, Thanks for sharing your life, and his adventures, with us all. Life is GOOD!

Marilyn R said...

I'm sure it was wonderful to have your son home. I am sure he has taken a lot of precious memories back to the States with him of his visit back home.

artfilstitch said...

You and Tetsu have had a very memorable summer with Takumi. The pictures made me smile, especially with the three cats. Your Choco is a very photgenic doggie...priceless!

Chocolate Cat said...

What wonderful memories you have of Takumi's summer at home. I am sure you will miss him so much but equally sure you will enjoy having your sewing room back!!