Wednesday, October 22, 2008


On our way to the quilt exhibition on Sunday Tetsu and I stopped at a Taiyaki shop to buy some taiyaki for lunch. We know the owners (from a church we previously attended) but had never been to their shop since it is on the other side of town. Tai means sea bream (a type of fish for you land lovers) and yaki means grilled or fried. Takiyaki means little fish shaped pancakes filled with either sweet bean paste, custard cream or in this case pork, cabbage, ginger, mayonnaise and Worcestershire sauce.

The fish shaped pancake grill has batter poured onto it and then the two sides of the fish, with the filling inside, are fit together much like a waffle iron.

Tetsu and I went to a nearby park and ate our cabbage taiyaki for lunch and followed with sweet bean taiyaki and custard taiyaki for dessert. Yum!


BrendaLou said...

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BrendaLou said...

I can't tell you how interesting I find your descriptions of Japanese Life! It is wonderful to get perspective from a Sister in Christ on life in another culture. I'll be attending Quilt Market in Houston this week and I always enjoy the incredible quilts the Japanese Ladies make.

Marilyn R said...

The Taiyaki look yummy! The fish shape is so artistic. The shape alone would make it yummy!