Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas cards

I'm trying to make a Christmas card. (In Japan we send out New Year's cards instead of Christmas cards). First I looked around on my computer and decided there isn't any picture software in it. That's okay since I only seem to need it at Christmas and New Years. Then I played around with Word and figured out how to paste pictures to a document in a way that was pleasing. (Family pictures with six animal pictures pasted at the bottom.) Great except I came to the conclusion that the camera shop is not going to want a Word document. They want jpg. documents.

Then I contacted Mary who always has such lovely pictures on her blog and she suggested I download Picasa. I have done that and now I am trying to make a collage. All this is taking a lot of time and trial and error and I really have no idea what I'm doing. I think I've made a collage (I THINK) but I need to put a border around it since I know the camera shop where I order cards every year won't take my picture without a border around it. Don't ask me why. I also can't figure out how to upload my collage into my little memory stick. I am so hopeless with the computer!

Maybe we'll forget Christmas and New Year's cards this year... but it has been a 23 year tradition... They are all there up on the wall... Hmm... a little bit crooked I notice.


Amanda said...

I can't help I'm afraid, since Picasa works differently with a Mac, but I'm sure you'll 'see the light' if you go away and ignore the problem for a bit. It always works for me. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

Shasta said...

What a great idea to save your cards every year - and what a great way to display them. I don't always get around to sending cards, and then they are a box I get from the store. I am sure you will be able to figure it all out.
If Picassa doesn't put the border on, maybe you can take your file and use some other photo editing program.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I've been reading your blog for almost a year now & enjoy it so much. Head on over to mine at http://www.quiltinlibrarylady.blogspot.com for a little surprise.


Marilyn R said...

What a lovely way to display your past Christmas cards. Computers can either be your enemy or best friend when it comes to getting photos to be where you want them to be. Good luck!

meggie said...

I hope you get the borders worked out. I tried Picassa too, & it was good. I haven't used it for a while.
I love your idea for the cards, & love love those kitty photos. The one of the 2 'babies', is just so cute.
The maple leaves are lovey too, & I would love to experience an onsen.
I remember hot pools in Rotorua in New Zealand. They were wonderful, but did make you very tired!

Clare said...

Hope you've managed to get used to Pioasa? It really is so simple (even in French!, but does take a while to get used to it.

Mary said...

The simpliest way Tanya is to use a graphic program to create the border once you have the collage created. I'm not sure about the graphics programs you have but I'd be happy to add a border for you if you'd like to email the photo to me.

Chocolate Cat said...

I'm a bit like you Tanya, I'd love to do a collage but it all seems too hard! Maybe it's a job I can leave my kids to do when they break up for holidays next week and I'm still at work!!