Tuesday, December 30, 2008

End of the year cleaning

Not a thing interesting to tell you about.

I spent all day yesterday cleaning house and really only got the living room done. Was it such a mess? I didn't think so but that is the extent of the area that looks nice after all my work. I got out my timer and flipped open my old Flylady notebook (Control Journal) and spent the whole dang day cleaning, which is completely against the Flylady's advice but anyway I had to start somewhere! Flylady suggests working in 15 minute increments which I did. Gather up all the Christmas things for 15 minutes. Go do the laundry. Put Christmas things away for 15 minutes. Wash the breakfast dishes. Bring out the knick-knacks for the living room and dust. As I was hauling those back down I thought,

"If I just left all this stuff in this box that they've been in for the past month that would give me a whole lot less to dust this next year. If someone accidentally threw out the box would I really miss it that much? Maybe this is just clutter."

I spent 15 minutes setting it all up anyway. Most of it is my cat knick-knack collection. I went and read a book on my 15 minutes off. And so on and so on throughout the day until the living room looked pretty good.

Today and tomorrow Tetsu and I are devoting the end of the year to housecleaning (along with every one else in Japan) and I will attack the sewing room while he does the laundry room. He is so much better at cleaning than I am. (I am a better cook. But I've told you how poor a cook I am so feel pity for us.)

As I was setting out things in my living room yesterday I got to put up this cute little basket lamp that Marlene had given me. Isn't this sweet? It has so much detail with the rattan flowers and even little rattan handbag. Such a cute piece for my collection of cats!


R.H. said...

I wish I could designate 2 days to just cleaning. Won't happen in my household a I have too many things going on during one day. I just have to pitter around here and there and hope it all gets completed. Love your "cat" collection. Years ago I had a Unicorn collection, unfortunately most of it was destroyed. Started another collection of Dragonflies, but they are hard to come by, nick nac wise that is. Good luck getting everything cleaned for the New Year! RaeAnn

Connie W said...

I cleaned all day today too but some of that time was spent in packing away a few Chistmas things. The actual cleaning will have to continue day by day until I get around the entire house. I like getting things organized after Christmas is over and start the year fresh, if possible.

mamaspark said...

We have been cleaning too. I love your "cat" collection. I have the cat with the upraised paw too. So cute!

takumi said...

hi mom! this is takumi. i got a new phone that allows me to connect on the internet anytime and anywhere. now i can see your blog anytime i want! thank you for the Christmas presents :) i will give you my Gmail address so please mail me back. good luck with the cleaning.

Shasta said...

Great idea to start the new year off clean. I generally try to do that, but haven't gotten to it yet this year. Thanks for the reminder.

Mary said...

I find that when I get myself started on a task I dislike or have put off, I get involved in doing it and get more accomplished than I expected....it's just getting started that seems to be the issue!