Thursday, December 11, 2008

This and that again

I had a busy day yesterday (I'm going to try to strike that word from my vocabulary. I don't think being busy is all that great of a thing to boast about.) I had to take Choco to the vet for annual shots and she was a very good dog while she was there and all day stuck in the car. She absolutely loves riding in the car and will hang her head out the windown like she's the admiral of a ship setting out on a voyage. Seems sort of subdued when the car stops though. I bought her Chicken nuggets at Mac Donald's on the way home.

Kindergarten in the morning and the children were going through their dress rehearsal for this Saturday's Christmas program. Every year it is nearly the same (different songs) and I did write about it last Christmas so I'll just show a quick picture. Yes, the older class (the top three rows) are holding real candles. I do pray while the program is going on and I do keep a bucket of water handy and I am very thankful when the Christmas program is over. I wish you could hear the beautiful children's voices mingling with the mothers choir. It really brings tingles up my spine.

I also had a stop at the pre-school and they gave me an absolutely gorgeous Cyclamen! That will grace my entryway for the rest of the winter season. I hope the cats don't decide to play with it. Plants don't last very long at my house though I remember when I was in college I filled my dorm room with ferns and spider plants and wandering vines. Now all those leafy things get eaten by the cats... As I recall from last year, they didn't like the taste of Cyclamen.

And finally in the evening I worked on another block for my Mini Round Robin quilt group. I won't show what I'm adding on to this block. This is only the original block and one more has been added already. We forgot to tell people to specify a theme so I don't know what this lady really has in mind... I'm adding a chic flower block. (Whatever that might be.)


Anonymous said...

The first year I was a school nurse at a rural elementary school, on the last day before winter break the kinders came to the office and sang Silent Night. Their sweet little voices just filled the room and I bawled like a baby.
Thanks for reminding me how sweet their voices are.
Kathy B
Rusty Acres Ranch

R.H. said...

I hope the Christmas program goes off with no mishaps with the candles. The children look so beautiful. I wish I could hear them sing. You must be very proud of them. I enjoy reading you Blog each day and look forward to continuing to do so. Your flower is just beautiful. Rae

Laura said...

A boy in my high school chorus set the girl's hair in front of him on fire. I think your kindergarteners are probably better behaved. lol

The Calico Quilter said...

The cyclamen is beautiful, but it is one of the plants listed as toxic to cats in the CFA website ( Toi and Chip are adventurour enough to try to ingest some, bad taste or not. Maybe it needs to go in a more cat-proof location (whatever THAT is!).

The pic of the Christmas program is sweet but confused me - is that at the school or at your church? I guess I didn't expect a Christmas program at a Japanese school. Is Christmas celebrated widely there? I'm assuming the Christian population is small.

meggie said...

The Cyclamen is lovely! It is covered in flowers. I have only ever lived in one place where I could grow cyclamen, so I know they can be temperamental.
Choco looks so sweet in the car!

anne bebbington said...

I still can't hear littlies singing Away in a Manger without having a little weep - one of the main reasons I don't watch the Christmas concert at the school where I work. Beautiful coloured cyclamen - so unusual

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya,

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed reading your blog - I was up till 2am last night because I was so engrossed! I love Japan and Nikko - my husband and I went to Japan for our honeymoon in 2005 and we both fell for Nikko, such a serene beautiful part of Japan.

I'm a failed quilter (my mum takes over my projects and finishes them with her expertise), I love cats and dogs and I suppose that's why I found your blog so intriging!

Much love from Australia,

Katie said...

LOL On long trips my dogs always get Chicken McNuggets! :-)

Marilyn R said...

I am glad you are close by with that bucket of water! Candles are scary in the hands of children!
The Cyclamen is absolutley beautiful. I hope the kitties stay out of it so you can enjoy it for a long time!

Chocolate Cat said...

A busy day but sounds like a fun one. Choco looks so cute in the car, what a treat for him finishing the day with a trip to McDonalds!! The cyclamen is gogeous. We have a beautiful one which comes back each winter with a lovely lot of flowers.

artfilstitch said...

Your busy days always produce wonderful results. The childrens program looks beautiful and I know the sounds were sweet. Also, I like the round robin quilt that you are wworking on...always a mystery.

chi-mi san said...

I also want to give Chiken nuggets to Choco because he was such a good boy in the car. The cyclamen is very beautiful. You will enjoy it for the whole winter season.

Dagger said...

In Kentucky, where my mother was born, the locals around Lexington have a distinctive name for the female ginkgo. They call it a Dog Poop tree. Well, they don't say 'poop', they say something else with more Appalachian flair.