Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Address Labels

Well, I'm putting away the Christmas cards that have been up on the wall this season. This picture looks the same as last year's picture (I always put up the Christmas cards the same way) but these are different cards from last year.

I wonder how many New Year's cards Tetsu and I sent out this year. I ended up making them in our printer so as we ran out I just made more. Tetsu was disappointed that I didn't have return address labels for him to use. He likes to write out the cards by brush but he doesn't like writing out our own address a hundred times. There was one year when I ordered address labels from somewhere and had them sent to my mother's home (they wouldn't send overseas) but I didn't get around to it this year.

"You really should order those again. They made sending cards so much easier."

With that suggestion and a little time I wondered if I could make my own address labels. Some of you are quite computer literate but I am not but it was worth a try. I went online and figured out how to make labels (took a lot of trial and error). Then since they seemed pretty blah I decided to decorate them a bit like the ones you can purchase. And I found a fantastic site that allows you to copy their graphics as long as you link back to them. So I am linking to Dawn's Quilting Clip Art and this was the result of my computer fiddling! Hey, I'm kind of proud of myself! I've blanked out my address (I think) on this picture but of course the real labels have it right.

Does anyone want to give this a try? It was a lot of fun.

Go to Dawn's website and right click on the quilt block that you like and chose Save Picture As. That should save it somewhere on your computer, but you've got to designate the place yourself or you'll lose it somewhere in your files. Can't help you there. I downloaded 10 clip art patterns.

Next I called up Microsoft Word from the computer; you know where you normally make documents. I'm using Vista, I don't know how the other versions work.

I found the Mailings button on one of the top bars and from there I found the Labels button.

After that I just filled in my address information. On options I chose 30 labels to a page but it looks like you can make labels to any measurement you like.

Next I hit New Document (a lot of trial and error to get to this point) and the page of labels is shown.

From there I changed the font and added the previously downloaded clip art one by one. Adding the clip art wasn't a problem though you have to chose the text wrapping button (the button with the dog and lines icon) to get it next to the address text (instead of within the text). And I sized the clip art to fit of course.

After I'd put all the quilt blocks in I put in label paper. Ta-Da!

"Tetsu! Tetsu! I did it! I made our own labels! I did it all by myself! Aren't they great?!"

"Great. Too bad you didn't figure out how to do that BEFORE we sent out all our cards. We won't be using them again until December."

"Hey, don't complain. I've learned a new computer technique!"

Now if I just don't forget in the next year...


takumi said...

Good job mom! You seem to have became a professional with useing computer now:) I'm glad I don't have to write any Nengajyou since I'm far away from Japan.

R.H. said...

Horray, you learned something new. Congratulations to you! Well, I'm sure you will find a use for your mailing labels throughout the year, might not use as many as you would in December, but they will come in handy. Good Job. Rae Ann

Amanda said...

Hey, well done you! Isn't it so satisfying to work out how to do something on the computer - without having to ask your son for help!! And at least you've now got this excellent blog tutorial to help you next time, if you do forget.

Shasta said...

Good for you for learning how to do this project! I get a lot of address labels for free when I donate to charity - it is their hook to make you feel obligated. I have more than I could ever possibly use - but I use them with all the bills and anything else I mail. They used to send calendars - one year I had more than I could use, but I haven't been donating enough or they cut back, because I haven't gotten a calendar in a while.

Shasta said...

I also stick them on rolls of pictures I develop - and I have them on my camera and notebooks, in case I misplace them somewhere, people know who to return them to.

Diane said...

Good for you, Tanya! Thanks for sharing the lesson you learned. I just might give it a try. I thought it was cute that the first comment you got was from Takumi. He must reaaly be proud of you.

Martha Lammers said...

Go Girl!!

You inspired me to be brave. This is my first. I didn't realize 'comment' was available--even to me!

Connie W said...

How cool those labels are and how wonderful that you took the time and made the effort to learn how...good for you!

The Calico Quilter said...

Really nice address labels. Do you have to glue them on, or did you have self-adhesive paper to print on? I broke down and bought some quilt block labels from a company because I liked the look, but I really didn't need to buy any. So many of the begging letters from charities send you labels, and my insurance agent does too at the first of the year. Several of the magazines we subscribe to also sent labels in their renewals this year, so I'm set.

Chocolate Cat said...

Wow, these are impressive!! I usually take the easy way out and order a roll preprinted every few christmases but these are much classier.