Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Plans for 2009?

Well I was up in the sewing room for a little bit yesterday. And while doing some cutting (never did the sewing) I was thinking of what I need to do this year.

Quilt the Wonky Word quilt. Actually that is coming along nicely. I've managed to quilt around all the hearts now but I still have a lot of white space left... I really should have made more wonky hearts. Too late now! I'm trying some simple waves in some of the white space but I don't know how long I'll continue with that. For all purposes, this quilt is finished... except that I can always see more places to quilt so I'll just keep going.

I want to make a Wicked quilt for a young friend and that needs to be finished by the end of March. That's why I was cutting yesterday. I had bought all the fabric last August but it has been so long since I thought about it, I have forgotten what fabrics I was planning to use. While I was upstairs trying to coordinate fabric and find fat quarters I ended up ironing and folding and trying to use Patti's fabric folding tutorial to get my drawers a bit more organized. I tired out quickly though and only got half of one drawer looking nice.

I did get the fabric for the Wicked quilt cut so I hope to be upstairs sewing today.

And I do seem to have a fair collection of batiks that are so beautiful and a waste to just leave them in the drawers, so that is something I want to start this year.

I've got 12 beautiful feathered star blocks (hand pieced!) away in a drawer waiting for me to jump back into that project too.

I have the 365 Challenge that needs to be quilted.

And there's that Orange and Cherry Jubilee.

And I'm still working on Noah's Ark, the Mini-Round Robin and the kindergarten bazaar quilt.

Whew. I think the way to go is to devote one day a week to one quilt or at least 30 minutes a day on a quilt different from the day before.

I guess the most productive step would be to turn off this computer and go upstairs right now!


R.H. said...

What is a Wonky Word and Wicked Quilt? I see only a portion of what I think is your Wonky Word Quilt, but would like to see the full quilt. Looks scrappy, something I really like. I've done nothing as far as quilting today, I'm sick, yes again, can't get rid of it. Hope you get some quilting done today. Rae Ann

Margret said...

Tanya, you do such a beautiful work with your hand quilting. I'm still trying to get it right and sometimes it looks better than other times.
One of my problems is, as soon I get my quilting project out, I have a kitty sitting on the quilt or trying to get in the hoop.

Annette said...

I just whipped up a Wicked Easy quilt for my sister-in-law's birthday. I still can't believe how easy that quilt is. I made it 5 squares by 5 squares and only put the brick border on the top and bottom, so it was a wee bit longer than wide. Total cutting, sewing, basting and quilting time was under 10 hours. I sat with my brother and sewed the binding on while I visited with him and was able to hand him the quilt before he had to fly back home! Wahoo! Can't wait to see yours when it's done!

Chocolate Cat said...

don't think you need to worry about running out of things to do in a hurry!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Wonky Words is looking great. How about quilting some hearts (and quilting names inside them) and continue echoing out from those as well.

Nancy said...

Wicked quilt? That'a new one to me. Eager to learn more.

Karen said...

Love the Wonky Word quilt!

Shasta said...

Your quilting is so beautiful. This quilt is certainly a masterpiece.

Mary said...

Good luck meeting your goals for 2009. I'm going to take my goals one month at a time although I do hope to piece more this year than I did last year.