Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quilting the Wicked Easy Quilt

I finished putting the binding on the Wicked Easy Quilt last night so I am ahead of schedule. (This had to be done by the end of March.)

I love the way this quilt goes together easily and so time can be spent doing the hand quilting. This is all stitch-in-the-ditch quilting but I randomly chose blocks for the feathers (the ones that would show off the quilting best and the ones that were easiest to trace the designs onto!) Same for the leaves in the long blocks. I probably could have given the placement more thought but what's done is done. And I probably could put in a few more feathers or leaves but I think I'll move onto other projects now.

The Wicked Easy quilt is no longer found on the Internet (I don't know why) but I notice my back links still lead to the pattern so it is on the web somewhere. If you are interested in the pattern you might get it from here (sort of like a treasure hunt. You have to keep looking and clicking on the links until you find it.) and print it out because I don't know how one ever finds it again. I have my pattern safely printed and saved in a notebook for future use.


Callie said...

Thank you, Tanya. I found the quilt pattern, saved it as a pdf and I will print it out later.

I love the quilted feathers you stitched on the blocks! What do you use to mark the pattern on the fabric?

I haven't gotten brave enough to stitch outside the ditch. Yet. I have a marker but it brushes off the fabric too easily when I'm trying to work.

And I love the color choices and how you arranged them.

Beautiful, beautiful, quilt!

Rae Ann said...

You did a beautiful job on this quilt! I to found the link and found the pattern. I've saved it as a PDF and put it on my scoll of things to make, LOL. Love your feather quilting, really brings out the beauty of this top. On to your next project! Rae Ann

Karen said...

Very pretty. Love the quilting.

roger said...

I love your hand quilting.. great job with pattern. The colors are perfect.

artfilstitch said...

I love your hand quilting and the patterns are great. You did a great job with the colors also.

p.s. I left the above comment and goofed with not signing in properly. (poor Roger)

Clare said...

I'm downloading the pattern now. Thanks for the link. This is a lovely quilt.

Mary said...

Your quilting looks wonderful.