Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Which cat?

It is 8:30 in the morning and already I'm tired. And Tetsu is tired. We look at each other and say "We need a vacation from something..."

This morning I went off to do my crosswalk duties. When I came back a half an hour later Choco and the neighbor dogs were barking madly. I peered out the window and yelled at Choco to be quiet. But with the neighbor dogs putting up a fuss Choco felt inclined to join them.

"What are you barking about?"

Ah, someone is out in the forest. Someone who looks familiar. What's Tetsu doing out in the forest?

"Tetsu, what are you doing?

"Chip got loose and is out here somewhere!"


So I put my boots back on and headed out in the forest doing what Tetsu calls my Tarzan call!

"Chip! Here kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty~~~~!!!" (Japanese can't do this call.)

I'm out in the forest yelling for Chip. Choco and the neighbor's dogs are barking up a storm.

"Be quiet! Chip will never come back if you keep barking like that!"

I stomped back to Choco and happened to glance in the Japanese room window. Chip is sitting on the bookshelf looking out at me.

"Ding-dang-it-all! Tetsu! Am I looking for Chip or am I looking for Toi? Who am I looking for?!" Chip and Toi are the only ones who show an interest in going outside.

Tetsu was on the phone telling his office he'd be in late (he did not tell them he had to help find a cat.)

"Tetsu! Did Toi get out? Who got out?!"

"Chip. Chip got out when I was heating up the car."

"Chip is right there. Do you mean Toi got out?"

"Wait a minute. Toi is here too. And so is Cleo and so is Patora. And Velvet is under the chair as usual."

Which means that no cats got out. Which means Tetsu had been stomping around in the forest looking for a cat that he claims was Chip but it wasn't. The neighbor's cat is orange and looks a lot like Toi. Maybe that cat? But Toi and Chip don't look that much alike. Why did Tetsu think he'd seen Chip out in the forest? Does this mean that there is another stray cat out there? Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Chip is the most confused. Why were her humans out in the forest calling for her when she was sitting peacefully at home?

And why can't Tetsu tell the difference between our own cats and any others?


Julie said...

Oh my! Reminds me of when my husband found our cat dead in the highway. He brought it home and we buried it in the rain and cried many tears. I had a minor car accident later that day due to the stress. Later that evening, our cat showed up on our front step. The poor highway cat was not even our cat! But at least it got a decent burial.

Laura said...

Oh my Tanya and Julie...y'all are cracking me up!

mamaspark said...

These things happen when you are a multi cat household! And besides, you know if there is another stray out there it *will* find your house and you *will* take it in. We cat people are just like that. Cats go where other cats are. And BTW, Japanese people can't call "Here kitty, kitty, kitty like Americans? REALLY?? I will have to make my Japanese friends try to do it, lol!

Margret said...

Tanya, I'm wondering what Chip would tell you if he could speak your language.

BrendaLou said...

Tanya.....is there ANOTHER cat in your future? Better hope it stays in the forest or finds another soft and loving heart!

meggie said...

I am sorry but I had to laugh at the image of Chip sitting watching you frantically calling!

Callie said...

Thank you for another funny story! :)

Kathie said...

omgosh you have me laughting this am!
and to think he was late for work for a neighborhood cat!

Amanda said...

Cats!!! Who'd have them??? Do your cats all live indoors all the time, or just part of the time? Or is there a reason why you don't want them wandering about in the wood? Poor Tetsu, perhaps he needs new glasses.

Connie W said...

Poor Tetsu being teased by the cats. Sounds like they put one over on him this timem.

Connie W said...

Poor Tetsu being teased by the cats. Sounds like they put one over on him this timem.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh Dear...the lengths people will go to for a bit of exercise ;o) Glad it all worked out and that all the cats are safe and sound.

andsewitis Holly said...

Chip must think the two of you have gone mad! Heehee. I think you both do need a vacation. :)

Rae said...

I always get a good laugh from reading your Blogs. I can just picture Chip peering out wondering why you are calling, I'm right here, I'm right here. And poor Tetsu, late for work looking for a poor kitty that wasn't even his, bless him! Rae Ann

The Calico Quilter said...

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The Calico Quilter said...

love it - cat mistaken identity! We had a situation like that years ago when we moved to this house, while we had a black cat named Sasha. The painter was working on the eaves and shutters while we were at work. He was someone we knew so he had a key to go inside if he needed to. After his lunch break, when he went in to retrieve his food from the refrigerator, he had just climbed back on the ladder when a black cat ran across the yard. Of course, he panicked and thought he had let out Sasha. Turns out it wasn't, and he was chasing the wrong cat. It scared him to death!

Sorry I had to delete and retype this! I had a problem with adding the comment.

Takumi said...

I'm glad you didn't miss any cats :) I know how hard to find them once they run out into the forest. Especially toi is small so it will be hard to find him :(

Chocolate Cat said...

I had to laugh at this story especially as we use the same call (kitty kitty kitty...), and have been caught in the middle of the night by the neighbors if one of the cats is missing!!