Sunday, February 01, 2009

Various projects

I got my self imposed deadlines met for January.

I made a label for my Wonky Word Love quilt and put it on. Except for having a wash that project is finished!

I put a label on my Wicked Easy Quilt and that is ready to give to the recipient next month.

I finished the January block for Lynette' s Noah's Ark block of the month. Only one more month to go!

Although this is the block the original owner made for her Mini-Round Robin, I added my block and have already passed it on to the next person. I made the block that I showed a couple of days ago that had the rows upon rows of triangles. The block owner doesn't visit my blog so I figured I was safe to show my triangles.

I tried my hand at making a Winding Ways block with some of my scraps. (Not breaking into the batiks yet.) Whew! This is a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. I'm stalling on starting this project. Need to work up some courage.

And I've got to get a start on this year's bazaar quilt so that will be the next often featured quilt this year. I've still got some projects in the drawers but at least I'm wading in!


Amanda said...

Well done you, what a lot you've achieved in January. Doesn't it feel great to cross a few things off the list?

Karen said...

Love the Winding Ways block.

Linda said...

I think you've done an excellent job on the WW block, T. It looks like you have a good 1/4" at the points so it'll go together really well! Only problem I see is the lack of contrast. The dark "flower" part is great, the others are too light! TheWW block is made with dark centers and light outside or vice versa. You're doing great--just wish you were closer!!
Lurking Linda

meggie said...

You are off to a great start for the year!
That Winding Ways looks too difficult for me! I like easy... & quick!