Saturday, April 04, 2009


Yesterday my friend Masako-san and I took a drive to the southern part of the prefecture to visit another friend, Heidi. Masako-san and I are definitely directionally challenged. At the first corner we looked at the directions that Heidi had given us and couldn't decide if we were supposed to go north or south. We wanted to pick up some cakes so we headed in the direction of a bakery but got stopped at another corner and had another discussion about whether we were supposed to go left or right. However, between Heidi's directions, a prefecture map and Masako-san's built in GPS we did finally find our way.

Masako-san had originally been Heidi's Japanese teacher a few years ago and since Heidi was new in Japan and had married a Japanese, Masako-san introduced us.

"Heidi, I know someone just like you (American and married to a Japanese) and she has been here nearly 30 years." (and managed to survive!)

Well, Heidi has a lot more energy than I do (she's younger yes, but overall she's just bubbly. I'm sort of a simmer) and over the past five years we've shared stories and talked about the different challenges facing foreigners in Japan. Yesterday Masako-san and I got to meet some of Heidi's new friends and neighbors and play a bit with her little "evangelist". Baby Luke is a friendly toddler and people flock to him giving Heidi and Luke a chance to spread the gospel in their daily lives. Masako-san and I went home happy to have seen how Luke is growing and how Heidi is shining her light!


Connie W said...

A sweet little boy. I bet his mommy was so pleased to meet you.

Anne said...

He is the cutest little boy and what a smile. I am sure that Heidi was glad to meet you. I am sure that Luke helps mommy spread the gospel. Thanks for sharing.

Rae Ann said...

Isn't Luke just the cutest. I wonder how Heidi is dealing with Japanese Food and the lack of american food in the stores???
Rae Ann

Carol E. said...

Oh, he is so adorable! I want to squeeze the stuffing out of him!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What better evangelist than this precious child of God? Thanks for sharing.

I'm directionally challenged, too.