Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I just spent about an hour chatting with my mom and sister-in-law in California. My sister-in-law makes me cry! Almost every time I talk to her! Do you want to hear some of the things she says,

"Tanya, I just love your mother...."

"I just thank the good Lord for what we have and know He's in control..."

"Takumi is such a good kid. I just love him to pieces and he and I really can talk and joke around. He's such a great kid!"

"We want Leiya to spend the summer with us... Tell us how we can help get her to California."

"Keion (my brother) is so strong and dependable. He doesn't stress out about things..."

"You have to visit this summer, Tanya. We'll ask Grandma to help out with finances. You are FAMILY. I look forward to seeing you every year and that's part of what makes the summer fun..."

I hate to ask my family to take care of me and my family and extended things like airplane costs and tuition. But the reality is that Grandma is willing and I am needing. And Marcy and Keion don't begrudge that extra care even though they have little kids with an uncertain future (as is true with all of us.) They are always so welcoming, so generous and so loving. My heart and eyes overflow everytime I talk with them.

Marcy blesses me with her expressions of love for all of us.


Nancy said...

We don't get to pick our sisters-in-law or our brothers-in-law. You really are blessed by Marcy.

Terri Y said...

Tanya, I have to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog daily! My husband is Japanese ( although only lived in Japan as a very young boy for a short time). We were able to visit taking my step son and step daughter a few years ago. We stayed in Tokyo, visited the Disney complex, Tokyo Tower, and other local attractions.

I have just started quilting this past year, in fact have only done the tops so far... You are VERY inspiring to me.

I find your tidbits of Japanese life completely a joy of my day!

My blog:

Please keep up your blog! It is "my little bit of Japan" each day!

Margret said...

Tanya, you have a wonderful family and what they do for you, you would do for them the same way.

Shasta said...

How wonderful to know someone so generous, and positive. Too often we get stuck complaining about something, and fail to see the positives. Your SIL seems like a special person indeed.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You are blessed indeed! That is truly a gift.

Connie W said...

Family is are blessed with a lovely family.

Carol E. said...

You are truly blessed. I would say to take their help. That's what family is for. And they want to do it out of love, so don't deny them that opportunity to give. :-)