Friday, April 10, 2009

Patchwork Thursday

Yesterday was a patchwork day with my friends. One of the most exciting parts of the day was going through the packages that our Australian friend Lorraine, had sent us. Lorraine had sent us a package last month also filled with patterns and magazines and pamphlets about machine quilting and techniques. This month Lorraine sent us TWO more packages this time filled with kits, books, more patterns, DVDs and tools.

Lorraine had done the wonderful FAUX APPLIQUE that the Australian quilt designer, Helen Stubbings had developed, and she showed it to us in January. My Japanese friends and I were amazed at the techniques and the effect of using colored pencils and embroidery and we really raved and exclaimed over the Lorraine's beautiful quilt. So Lorraine sent us a whole BOM KIT! And everything that might be needed to make a whole QUILT! And she even sent us a hot-off-the-press book about FAUX APPLIQUE by Ms. Stubbings. Mrs. Furui was so excited to have the book because she had seen it advertised in a catalog and had circled it for later purchase! Now my job is to absorb the information and then maybe teach a "class" on FAUX APPLIQUE to my friends. Hah! I guess I'd better see if I can do it myself. If all goes well, we'd like to use the kit to make NEXT year's bazaar quilt. (Don't you think that is positive thinking, as we have yet to open the packages or try the technique.)

NEXT year's bazaar quilt? We are still playing around with THIS year's quilt! But all the blocks have been made and Mrs. Furui spent the day sewing them together. It is a little small but we've decide to put a colorful border around this. You know how things get more complicated as one goes along? Well, we pulled out a few applique border patterns and exchanged opinions.

"No, no. This one is too cutesy. That one is too sparse. This one doesn't match."

"How about more of the teardrop applique like in the blocks?"

"Great! Even though it may be a bit more work let's do it."

"Okay, trace the stem line. How many teardrops are we going to need?" (two of the ladies worked frantically tracing teardrops on freezer paper).

"150? Okay, doable."

"Wait a minute. They're too far and in between. Should we add extra?"

"What? Think of all the work!"

"Yes, but if YOU win the quilt wouldn't YOU want the extra work in there?" (That's how we decide a lot of things. If it is going to be MY quilt then do the extra.)

"Okay, if you put it that way then yes, let's put in more teardrops." (Easy to say and trace by pencil, a lot more work to sew.)

"That's over 200 teardrops ladies! It's going to be a busy month!!!"


Mimi said...

Oh, Tanya, what a wonderful quilt for your bazaar. It's beautiful and I sure would love to be the one to win it!!

You ladies DO have a lot to accomplish this month!

The faux applique quilt is delicious. I'm going to have to look into this...I've not heard of it before.

Good luck on your bazaar quilt.


BrendaLou said...

Tanya, I'm busy on a quilt for an auction fundraiser for the Christian elementarty school my girls attended. It will be pieced and speed pieced at that. I admire all the work your group is putting into this quilt! Bless you for all those applique hours!

Quilter Kathy said...

It sure will be a beautiful quilt!
And worth all the extra work!
I have not heard of the new applique technique you are learning. I will have to look into it!

The Calico Quilter said...

A busy month, but an absolutely beautiful quilt. The teardrop border will be wonderful.

What a treat you received. I think we all need someone to send them quilt CARE packages!

Elaine Adair said...

Wow - you gals are doing a spectaculer job - what a GREAT scrappy/beautiful quilt. I enlarged the photo and was delighted to see a fussy cut CAT and another fussy cut FISH! What fun - I'll bet there are more interesting little motifs in the teardrops. 8-)))

Shasta said...

You are right, it is going to be a busy month, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. It sounds like a wonderful plan.

DPulvino said...

Hi Tanya,
What a beautiful quilt. I wish I could win it. Is all the quilt made by hand? If you do your quilts by hand how do you stipple them? I haven't tried by hand yet. I will eaerly wait to see how your faux applique lessons come along. I wish to you and your family a happy Easter.

lj_cox said...

What a beautiful quilt it will be!

Mary said...

It will be a lot of work but gorgeous. I usually make my decisions on what will be LESS work but every now and then I go the extra mile like the pieced border on my Kaleidoscope quilt.