Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This weekend I mentioned I wanted to search out the source of smells in my sewing room. Velvet lives up there and can do what he wants... So Tetsu and I went upstairs to move around some furniture and I scurried around pushing fabric into drawers and putting away scissors and roller cutters.

"Do you need this bed in here?"

No, not really.

"Okay, just leave it to me. I'll move the bed out and get the place back in order."

I did help Tetsu move the bed and I directed him as to where the sewing machine needed to be in relation to the cutting table. Then I left him to putter and clean. And here is the result of a couple hours of Tetsu's hard work.

This is my sewing room. It used to be Leiya's room. Velvet lives in the bay window. Hmmm. I could have moved the cat box before I took the picture. Toi was visiting when I snapped this but usually Velvet enjoys this space alone. With the bed gone I've got more room to spread out quilts I think.

And this is what was my laundry room and before that it used to be Takumi's room. Now doesn't that look pleasant. Tetsu put up books to decorate the bed stand and my 365 Challenge quilt finally gets a debut on the bed! Besides all that work Tetsu folded clothes in drawers, and tidied the bookshelves and vacuumed and dusted.

You must wonder what I do all day when I have a husband who does housework for me. Well, he doesn't do it ALL the time. Just when the mood hits him. In the afternoon he went off to play pachinko (Japanese pinball) by himself and I certainly didn't begrudge him his time of play!

Now, it my job to keep the rooms looking nice.


Dee said...

Hi Tanya,
What a nice husband! He did a great job. Using your 365 Challenge quit for the guest room is a great idea. Your guest can read it when they go to bed. I love all the quilts on your walls but one got my attention. It is in your quilt room by the window. Do you have a picture of it in your blog? Cats and quilts must have some relation. My cats somehow find me in my quilt room and time to time walk right over my work to get some TLC.

CT said...

Now that's very sweet of Tetsu! gotta love a man who understands the hard work we do!!! tell him I love what he did!

Connie W said...

It looks so neat and tidy. Kudos to Tetsu for his hard work and helping you out. Love your 365 challenge quilt there on the bed.

Chocolate Cat said...

Your rooms look lovely, isn't it a good feeling to have things sorted.

Marilyn R said...

Your sewing room looks great and the 365 quilt looks fantastic in it's new home!

meggie said...

Looks very nice, & how lovely to have such a neat sewing room.
Gom does the vacuuming for me, which is very kind of him.

Mary said...

Keith can be good about helping around the house too and he never fusses as me for not doing more.

A few years ago I finally convinced my Mom to take the big queen size bed out of her sewing room and replace it with a small daybed. She was more worried about having space for occasional visitors rather than creating a space that worked for her day in and day out. Once it was done she was glad she listened to me. I hope you enjoy your new space!

Quilter Kathy said...

How wonderful to see your 365 quilt on a bed!
It looks fantastic!