Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've been doing quilting and appliquing as the mood takes me. Sometimes 30 minutes of applique on the Great Aussie quilt, then switch to 30 minutes or so of quilting on the Feathered Star quilt. Tetsu questions my concentration ability.

"Why don't you just do one thing until you finish?"

Because I'm not close to finishing either one and when they BOTH get finished it will seem like they magically got done. (Do you understand that logic? I don't know if I do either.)

Yesterday I went to the kindergarten and was presented with a large bag from Mrs. Furui. My turn for quilting on the bazaar quilt! Rats. I thought Mrs. Harada had taken it for a month but it turns out she was in the area so she finished her turn and passed it along... So now I have it for a week. No more quilting on my own quilt! And a further look in the bag revealed one of the Round Robins had found its way to my house too so I'm up for putting something on that quilt too.

I wrote down what sort of things I have lined up in the handwork department for today.

  1. Bazaar quilt -- stitch in the ditch quilting

  2. Aussie quilt -- more applique. This is just too much fun and besides Mrs. Ochiai is coming over tomorrow to start working on hers so I want to get as far along as possible.

  3. Round Robin -- I don't even know what I'm supposed to do with this! Is the next step applique or embroidery or what? I'll have to check that this morning. This is not coming out quite as I expected it. So far there is absolutely NO continuity in what the eight participants have put together. I'm sort of wondering about our group's designing skills...

  4. Neenie's Garden -- coloring. This is the Faux Applique and I've promised to color another block this week.

  5. Feathered Star quilt -- quilting, quilting, quilting.

  6. Pants -- This is just thrown in because someone loaned me their sewing pattern and I was planning to use some cheap fabric to see if I could really make clothes. I need to return the pattern before I lose it so I should try my hand at sewing up those.
At 30 minutes for each project, I'm going to stay busy until lunchtime just getting one round done. I'd better get sewing!


Marj said...

Looks like you will not be bored for quite awhile and very busy too. I wish good luck and alot of time to be able to work on all these projects.

Connie W said...

You have a lot of work lined up there, Missy. ;D

Allie said...

Well number three cost me a mouthful of coffee, lol. And I DO know what you mean about things "magically" getting done, by switching from one thing to another. Hm. I hope you got a lot done today!

Lindah said...

That is a looong list! Lots of variety to keep your attention. :-)
I agree with the of switching back and forth between projects, seeming magical when both are done at the same time. As far as the question of concentration, I think it requires more concentration to switch back and forth. I love finishing one quilt and having the second one done, too. Unfortunately, I don't have enough concentration to go around right now, so I'm working on one thing at a time. Boring!

AnnieO said...

I tend to work on multiple projects too, but they are all in different stages. Right now I am hand quilting on my hubby's quilt but it is just "big stitch" quilting for looks and not anything requiring particular skill (cuz I don't have it--I mostly machine quilt!). How do you have time to work at the Kindergarten with all that sewing to do? LOL

anne bebbington said...

I usually have a very low boredom threshold if I work on any project of size - however I must admit that, at the moment, working on the basket quilt and the jewel box in tandem is proving very productive. Just as I start to wane on one picking up the other renews my interest. Can't say I've been this enthused over any one, or in this case two, projects since I made the 'Hearts and Stars' quilt that you used for the basis of your Bazaar Quilt a couple of years ago. And of course at the end of it you have two items completed rather than one

Shasta said...

Your 30 minute logic makes absolute sense to me. I think Martha Stewart said something like that - this is not an exact quote: "When I get tired of doing one thing, I switch to something else. When I get tired of that, I move on to the next thing." So instead of doing one thing, getting tired and resting, move on to the next thing and, like you said, all your things will show progress and move along.

Elaine Adair said...

I agree completely with YOUR approach.

My 'style' tends to be, "I'll work on it when I feel like it." That way, NOTHING is demanding my attention, I don't feel a lot of pressure, and most of the time, my 'jobs' are a pleasure, instead of dreadful. My DH has absolutely NO CONCEPT of this approach, but then HE forces himself to do every job, and then he's not in good humor whereas I'm pretty perky, only doing what I want to do (most of the time). 8-))

meggie said...

You are going to be very busy!!
I understand you wanting a break for another project! That is how I read books.

Yuki said...

Wow! You are a busy lady! All those projects sound like fun, especially the round robins. There is a book called Rounds of Friendship. I participated in an international RR several years ago and we all used that book as a guide. It was very good. We all started out with a center medallion and the first month sent it to someone else and they added a border all around it. Each month, it was sent to a different person. It was a lot of fun!

ttfn :) Yuki in Silver Spring, Md, USA