Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quilting motif

On the quilting front, I spent most of yesterday making and then stenciling a quilting pattern only my Feathered Star quilt. I hope what I've chosen isn't too busy. I need to get it all traced before Thursday when I'll ask my friends to help me baste it. This will be a hand quilted quilt and already I'm wondering if it will be the last that I ever do! You know... like "how many years is this going to take me?" I know I've said that before and sometimes the quilting goes quickly but what with summer coming up (I'm NOT quilting in the summer months!) and the bazaar quilt which hopefully will get sandwiched on Thursday too, what with this being a good sized quilt and the quilting pattern I chose is NOT a continuous line pattern... this Feathered Star quilt may be my companion for a long time.

When I get a quilt ready for hand quilting I always think, "Well, if I break my leg at least I'll have something to keep my hands busy."

So this is the quilting pattern I decided on. I traced it out of some book on filing plastic and then with my exacto knife I cut it out so that is would be easier to trace/stencil. I get frustrated trying to see a quilt pattern through the fabric (no light box) and I'd rather go to the work of making a stencil for most of my hand quilt patterns.

I put the quilting motif in all the corners of all the stars and in the triangles and also around the border. I did leave some spaces in the border because I thought I was getting too much of a good thing. On today's to do list is to join some batting and sew up the backing!


Mimi said...

Your quilt is beautiful and the hand quilting will make it fabulous. I love to hand quilt.

Enjoy your project, regardless of the time it takes.


Nadine said...

Oh YESS, absolutely ! Your quilt will be gorgeous, with this quilting pattern.
There's nothing like hand quilting. The result is sooo much softer, than with machine quilting, no matter how long it takes - and it is such a relaxing process.
Machine quilting always makes me think of "mass production". Nice technical performance, but no emotion... whereas with handquilting you put a "piece of your soul" in it. The time it takes will always remind you some moments of your life, and that's what moves me.
I'd rather have few handquilted quilts, than a big pile done with the machine....
ENJOY YOUR QUILTING, dear Tanya! ;>)

Lindah said...

That is a very pretty quilting design you have chosen. It will look very elegant with your pieced design. I agree...hand quilting is not a summer sport. :-) Unless it is a small piece. Hand quilting makes a quilt so special. I miss being able to do it.
In defense of machine quilters, I would like to say that it is not about "mass production." Machine quilting requires a different set of skills and a different set of emotions, but none the less infusing one's soul into one's work. I know you know that Tanya because I have seen some beautiful work that you have done, but I just wanted to state that for the record. :-)
Blessings! ----and please do not break a leg!

Allie said...

Nope, no hand quilting in summer! I'm with ya there. This is a wonderful quilt design you've picked - it goes wonderfully with the quilt. I do love having some handwork around, especially in winter - I love machine quilting, but hand-quilting gives me time to remember when and why I fell in love with quilting.
Enjoy your hand work!

Shasta said...

You have chosen a beautiful design for your quilt. It is going to be a gorgeous quilt!

I like the idea of making and using a stencil. I hate trying to see through the fabric as well.

Elaine Adair said...

A beauty! I'm laughing about you having something to hand quilt in case you break your leg. I DID break my ankle some years ago, and WAS lucky to have a quilt basted and ready to quilt, as I could do little else. Very clever planning. 8-)