Sunday, May 03, 2009

Toi wants out!

Yesterday morning after my early morning walk, it was such a nice day that I decided to have breakfast outside on the "patio". Of course all the cats gather at the windows and doors wanting to come out so I let Patora join me.

Patora is a slow cat and has enough weight that I can be pretty sure that she won't run away. Patora was in seventh heaven! She rolled around on the bricks and acted like a kitten. She explored around the cars and looked through the fence and nibbled a few flowers. I almost NEVER let the cats out because I don't want to play favorites and I certainly wouldn't be able to handle 4 or 5 of them at one time.

While Patora was slowly exploring, I let Chip out too but she was too scardy to go much further than the first step and then wanted back in the house. Fine with me.

Next I let Toi out. Hmmm. Mistake. Toi was a street cat before we adopted him but he's lived out the last 7 months as a house cat. I think getting his paws dirty has awakened the outdoor instinct in him again.

"Yeah! I'm outside! I'm gonna check out under the cars. I'm gonna sharpen my claws and I'm gonna climb a tree!!"

So up a tree Toi went which was fun to see until he kept going up higher and higher! Tetsu finally had to stand on the wall to get Toi down.

I never did get around to giving Cleo and Velvet a chance to explore outside. And while we were trying to get Toi down from the tree Patora disappeared into the neighbor's yard. I may not do this again.

This morning Toi has spent a couple hours at the window.

"I wanna go out, I wanna go out, I WANNA GO OUT! MOM!"


CT said...

LOL! the expression of Toi at the window is priceless!lol!! seems like you had your hands full! :D

Christine Thresh said...

Don't you worry now that they have experienced the great outdoors, they will try to sneak out when you open the door?

Allie said...

Oh look at that face!!!!! LOL! I wouldn't be nimble enough to get my cat back in after taking her out. Have you tried growing grass or catnip inside, to let them chew on it? We used to have a HUGE hanging basket of catnip, and would just take a few leaves down now and then for the kitties. They loved it. They turned into catnip snobs, wouldn't touch the stuff from the store. How about a harness? My aunt takes her kitty outside and stakes his harness. That way, he can roll around and explore a bit, but she can always reel him in.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Awwww... give them an inch and they take that proverbial mile. I know how much they appreciated the explorations, though! The window shots are just precious.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

One of my cats rarely goes out, and then only a few feet from the door and then wants back in. The other is truly an indoor/outdoor cat. He may spend the whole day or night outside but always comes home & wants back in because that's where the food bowl is. He wouldn't be happy at all if I tried to make him stay inside. Like Toi, he was a street cat at one time.

meggie said...

Toi looks so wistful! It is a pity you cant really have cats on a leash.

Anonymous said...


Mary said...

you're so brave to let them out. Chesty doesn't listen well so unlike other dogs you see out without a leash I NEVER, EVER let him out without one except on the back deck where he can't go anywhere -- he was waiting out there with Keith when I got home last night.

The Calico Quilter said...

So much depends on the cat. I had an inside-only cat that accidentally got outside and went into a panic. The fact that there wasn't a ceiling over his head freaked him out and he plastered himself to the driveway. Others take a look around and say "Hey! This is great!" I've never had any luck with a harness on a cat. Most just become a lead weight on the end of the leash. You could drag them, but you certainly couldn't walk them.

mamaspark said...

This post made me laugh! All 5 of mine go outside and they all come back in one piece. Most of them love going outside.