Sunday, June 28, 2009

Family pictures

I finally got to see my son as a waiter yesterday. Takumi is working part time at a Shabu Shabu restaurant and I was curious to see his work place and watch him in action. Embarrassed him completely by taking pictures of him as he served us. Mothers do these things.

And here we have a picture of Takumi and his girlfriend. I think she was afraid to meet me but Takumi convinced her to take the risk. Unfortunately I accidently sneaked up on her and frightened her out of her wits. Boy, did she let out a scream. Yep. Takumi has a scary mom.

Marcy and Kiana and I finished both the baby quilts we were working on and hopefully those will get delivered this weekend. I hand-stitched all around and did some leaves on one quilt but I bought a machine quilting foot and machine quilted hearts on the other quilt. One baby has already been born and named so I made some Wonky letters to make the quilt more personalized.

The day that I bought the quilting foot, Marcy and Kiana and Leiya and I found a fabric warehouse with stacks and stacks and STACKS of fabric. It was so amazing that I really couldn't see the forest through the trees! The prices were unbelievable (like $1.69 a yard for some shelves) but you couldn't get down to even see the fabric. Still, I managed to buy some nice stuff and I will take it home to work on a quilt for one of Leiya's friends. Marcy and Kiana bought fabric too and "we" will start making a couple table runners this week.

We managed to take Grandma to get Smoothies the other day, the first time she'd been out in ages. Marcy looked at this picture and said

"Well we know what Tani's going to look like in 30 years!"

Mother looked at the picture and said,

"Yuck. What happened to my hair?"

So Leiya cut Grandma's hair.


Allie said...

Yay Tanya, way to go, embarrassing the boy! I can't wait to do that myself. Part of the great fun of being a mother. And excellent job scaring the girlfriend - oh that made me laugh so hard! They do make a sweet couple.
Super job on the quilts. Love those hearts! That fabric warehouse almost gave me heart failure. We have a couple of them here, but it's all garment and home dec stuff.
Had to laugh at what your mum said. You and your mum are both beautiful.

Amanda said...

I think it's obligatory to embarrass your children whenever you can! What beautiful family pictures.

June said...

So where's the photo of Grandma's new haircut?!

Shasta said...

These are great pictures! That stack of fabric looks beautiful - but it does look like it would be awkward to take anything out.

Quilter Kathy said...

I sure do enjoy reading your have such a wonderful way of seeing the world, and writing about it. Loved your story about meeting the girlfriend and being "scarey". And I had another giggle when you said you know what you will look like in 30 years :)
The baby quilts are so pretty...your SIL must be so happy to be quilting with you there.

Beth said...

Oh I love the hearts! Was that M&L you went to? My friend used to live near there and ook me there once. I LOVE to go back and usually get a couple backings. I ALWAYS find one I HAVE to have on the BOTTOM OF THE PILE! Go figure!

Gigi said...

Wow! You must have gone to M&L in Anaheim. I live in Southern CA (Orange County) and M&L is the place to go to buy backing fabric for quilts...or to just buy fabric for no project in particular. That's dangerous, though becuase you end up with stacks of fabric that seem like soldiers waiting patiently to be deployed. :)

Anonymous said...

yeap I recognized m and L too.I
live in utah but have to go there
when I visit. GREAT place! I can
spend almost a whole day in there!

Karen said...

Your mother is as cute as a button and you will be just as cute in thirty years!

Marilyn R said...

A fabric would be a dangerous place for me to go. Yikes! I'm glad you had a fun time in there.

Rae Ann said...

Trying to catch up on your posts, haven't been on the puter much these past few days. Nice to see you got Grandma out of the house and out for a nice smoothie. Wonderful fabric warehouse huh, I should be so lucky to find a place like this.