Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Happy Birthday Takumi!

Today Takumi is 24 years old! Happy Birthday Takumi!

I didn't do anything for Takumi's special day... I'm not very good at planning. And it is not just that he is far away. Even when the kids were little I wasn't good at birthday parties and special dinners and family get-aways. Birthdays just came and went and either Tetsu or I would make a run to 31 Flavors to buy an ice cream selection at the last minute. Poor kids.

Takumi, how about if I promise to buy you shoes again this summer when I'm in the States? I think that's what happened last year too.

Well, we don't get too much information from Takumi's side of the world. He is busy with school and his part time job and his skateboard. These are pictures from his skateboard trip around Northern Japan last summer. He downloaded his pictures into my computer so at least I can make him a Picasa collage.

Happy Birthday Takumi, and love you lots and lots and lots!!!


Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Happy Birthday from Oregon, Takumi! How does it feel to not only be a whole year older but know that little middle-aged ladies with glasses and buns (that's me) know all about you and have seen cute little photos of you all the way up from childhood to now and just love all of the stories your mother shares with us ;) Happy, Happy Birthday!

CT said...

hehe! Happy Birthday Takumi!!!!!!:D that's a great present, Tanya! that cool collage! :D

Callie said...

I thought I was the only one who was not that good at planning ahead. The collage looks so good when it enlarges. Yes, Happy Birthday Takumi!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome son.

AnnieO said...

Your son and mine share the same birth year--My Nick is going to have his 24th in August. That's a great collage you made, you could consider that a gift too, along with the shoes!

Timi said...

You have a lovely son, Tanya, you must be proud of him :o)!

Shasta said...

Happy Birthday Takumi! I don't do much for birthdays either.

yiyu(^^)v said...

たくみ君 お誕生日おめでとう!!


June said...

Happy Birthday, Takumi! And I hope you enjoy many, many more. Love the pictures!

おくとみ said...





artfilstitch said...

Happy Birthday Takumi,
Sending wishes for a very Happy Birthday...Enjoy your "sole food" when your Mom visits. :>)

Allie said...

Happy Birthday Takumi!!!!! We do small birthdays - one big gift and a day at the beach with family. Unless it rains, then we have a kitchen picnic, lol.

Shiori said...

Hello, Tanya!
How are you?

We didn't see each other so long time...
I miss you so much.
I'm having great time in collage♪


Luna said...

Happy Birthday from Germany, Takumi!! Enjoy your day!

I love to see all the pictures at the collage.
I still have one kid which wants a birthday party, the other don´t want no longer.Oh and I´m not really good in that too.
Merlin is born at the campground and they keep him at home for winter because he was very ill. There are lots of cats. I don´t know if I take Olli with us. But if only with a leash.

Mary said...

Well I'm not 24 but I share the same birthday as Takumi! I love the collage, I did one for each of the boys on their birthday with photos of them thru the years -- I really should have them printed and framed for them.

Anonymous said...