Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back in Japan

"Ohayougozaimasu!" Good morning from Japan!

5:43 AM and I have just come back from a 40 minute walk with Choco. That tells you that I am suffering from jet lag!

The trip back to Japan was fairly uneventful. A lot of turbulence and people hanging over bags but no other inconveniences. (Oh, I had to pay $50 for overweight baggage. No surprise.)

Going to and through the airport I am reminded of departures past...

One year when Takumi was little (and still unable to read English) he thought it would be interesting to see what was on the other side of the door that had a sign on it. A sign that said "Restricted Area". What a lot of excitement with alarms blaring and people running to intercept us. I remember considering walking away from my son and denying all connection with him and felt very guilty because of my lack of protective mothering instincts. Walking through the airport yesterday and seeing the signs posted brought back those memories.

Then there was one year when we were taking Tetsu to LAX and right as we got off the freeway and onto the airport exit lane a truck jack-knifed and blocked up three lanes of highway. What a scene from a movie that was! Not that anyone got hurt, just that for a mile or more, hundreds and hundreds of cars were stuck behind the truck, all of us trying to catch airplanes! Along with everyone else, Tetsu and Takumi and I finally left Marcy and the car and pulled and carried Tetsu's luggage another couple of miles to the airport terminal! People were carrying pillows and luggage and stuffed animals and we were all walking in the middle of the empty freeway much like a scene from an end of the world movie! Made it on time to catch the plane though.

(Tetsu was so annoyed with me taking these pictures.

"How can you be taking pictures when I might be missing my airplane!"

But it was a once in a lifetime thing and I get to show my pictures to you today!)

Back in Japan. It is warm and humid. California mornings and nights are much more agreeable at this time of year but the scenery here is lush and beautiful. The cats are very friendly and seem to be happy that I am home. Choco is thrilled to be getting a walk again in the morning. (Tetsu abandoned that commitment after he threw his knee out.)

On today's schedule is unpacking and washing floors and surfaces to get rid of some of the mold and mildew. And cooking. And picture arranging. And letting people know that I am back and ready to take up where I left off a month ago. And getting back to answering g-mail. I hope I'll be back and running normally in a day or two!


Marj said...

Welcome home. I enjoyed reading about your experiences in CA. Glad that your Mother is doing better. Your children look like really great kids and so grown up. Again welcome home.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I'm glad you had a safe and uneventful trip home.

We all have times when we want to walk away from our kids and deny all knowledge of them...and they think WE'RE embarrassing!!

Allie said...

Welcome home!!! I hope you get over the jet lag quickly.

There were plenty of times I wanted to abandon my they want to abandon me, lol. I can't imagine walking that far with luggage, even to catch a plane, yikes!

Enjoy being home!

G'G'ma said...

So happy to hear you were home safe and sound. Even after a good time isn't it good to walk into your oun home with all your own stuff?

AnnieO said...

It was so wonderful to read your great posts from CA, just next door to my county. What a trip it was and I am so glad your mother is doing better since it was scary when you first had to fly out there to see her at the hospital. There's no place like home, though, is there!

Connie W said...

Glad you made it safely home. I hope your jet lag goes away quickly although I know that it does hang on for a while. Hugs.

Shasta said...

Welcome back. You certainly have had airport experiences. I don't think I had anything nearly as exciting! I'm glad your trip this time was uneventful.
Back to cleaning.

roberta said...

it's always so much work when you leave one place and also when you arrive home after a month of absence. Sometimes i just long for good byes, which are so hard especially because you leave behind family and friends you love.....
Good to know you are back in Japan safely and with your Tetsu!