Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My teaching days have begun again though I will have a light schedule this summer since summer vacation is starting from Saturday. I think some of the neighborhood kids will be coming throughout August just because I missed most of the month of June being in the States. Kindergarten will be off as will a couple other out of the way classes. Now if the heat doesn't get me maybe I can use the time to sew...

And can you believe it, I actually ordered a pattern online Monday. Since I spent all that time in the States and had access to fabric and books and patterns why would I do such a thing? Well, I've looked longingly at a pattern for nearly a year and I didn't find it in Jo-Anns or a couple of the quilt stores that I visited and I don't want to think about it another year and hunt for it on the next trip to the States... so I ordered. Not that I NEED another project.

The day is starting to heat up and the cats don't even respond anymore when called. I went searching for them and though I know where to find Vel, the others were mostly hidden away.

Patora in a cat chewed box that I was planning to throw away but she claims that it is comfortable and she doesn't mind how it looks.

Cleo and Toi were trying to stay cool under the dining room table.

And Chip, who lives up to her name and is chipper, spends her time looking out the window longingly.

Choco is hidden away in her doghouse waiting for a cooler evening walk...

Nobody looks that thrilled that I'm back but maybe they are all just hot.


Christine Thresh said...

It is hot here, too. We have air conditioning, thank goodness.
Is your hot weather predicted to continue?

Allie said...

Well, it COULD be the heat, or it could be the well-known cat phenomenom of pretending you don't notice the human is back. Show just enough interest at mealtimes to keep them feeding you, until they've been sufficiently punished for leaving in the first place. But I think it's probably the heat. First cool day and they'll all be in your lap.

Good for you for getting the pattern.

Anonymous said...

so now Im curious what is this pattern?

Sandy said...

Howw hot is hot?
It has been moderate in Iowa 70-80 and a storm went thru last night.
I am also wondering what pattern caught your eye and stayed in your brain. I think we could have a pattern exchange. I have some I will never make again- isn't that recyling.
I'm working on Lucky Stars by Atkinson Design in 30's fabric- requested for a baby quilt. Just found out new baby- granddaughter so will put a pink print on the inside. Have a good day. I ususally start my day reading your blog after checking for email. S

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, the cats look so cute!

roberta said...

here it is torridly humid....had such a bad day on top of that.
Love to read you
Roberta from Italy

Laurel said...

So what is the pattern you orderd? You're keeping us in suspense!

Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

You have been so busy. I certainly enjoyed reading about your time with your family...and those pictures of the stranded vehicles. It just reminds me what I don't miss about big city traffic. Glad you are home and enjoying your new purchases.