Monday, July 06, 2009

July 4th

Happy Fourth of July! (one day late).

Marcy planned a big 4th of July family bash with barbecue ribs and steak, corn on the cob, macaroni salad and the whole bit and then we trooped over to Marcy's Mom's house for fireworks on the street. I haven't experienced a 4th of July in probably 30 years. I am aways here before or after. In the skies over the valley great fireworks burst here and there at irregular intervals but visibility of the city was greatly cut because all the smoke.

On the friendly neighborhood street moms and grandparents sat in camping chairs while fathers and older kids set fireworks aflame and smaller children watched from the back of pick up trucks. Great fun and rowdiness all around with dogs barking, cars maneuvering around sputtering flares and neighbors shouting pleasantries to each other.

Americans having fun and being funny!


Allie said...

That looks so fun! Great pic of you, Tanya!

Joyce said...

That is a good picture of the fireworks. Can you see a beautiful quilt in that picture?

Good pic of you, Tanya. And, I'm glad you made it home safely.