Sunday, August 09, 2009

A headboard

Yesterday Tetsu did a little carpentry for me again. (I'm going to have a regular collection of "Tetsu's Interiors") We sleep on the floor and I was just throwing my book and alarm clock and glasses on the floor next to me which Tetsu didn't think was too smart, especially for the glasses. (In truth I've stepped on my glasses twice in 30 years). The cats also found it very easy to knock the lamp over and we had other paraphernalia here and there such as mosquito repellent incense etc. We rearranged things the other day and that was when Tetsu offered to build me a head board.

Tetsu is very pleased with himself and our bedroom does seem less cluttered. I hope I can keep it this way!

The quilt is one I made years and years ago when Takumi was in kindergarten. Mrs. Furui and another friend and I used the same fabrics in the stars and each of made a quilt with our own choice of sashings. Mrs. Furui's if very subdued and connected. The other friend's was very elegant. I just used old dresses and shirts so mine has always looked a bit crazy. These days though I tend to be making brighter things so this seems a little drab now.

Thanks to Tetsu and some old handwork, my bedroom is looking good! And my glasses are safe!

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