Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A late post

I raced off this morning without being able to spend any time on the computer so I am late today. Kindergarten and school has started so Wednesdays are going to be full days again. Summer vacation was nice!

On the handwork front I am quilting the 30 minutes a day that I committed to. Yeah!

No more work done on the Mexican Star quilt.

I spent some time doing some needlework while watching TV and the next step is to put a border on this and then quilt it. It is a small tapestry that I saw on Vero's blog and I commented on it. My sister-in-law used to have this same saying on a garden decoration in front of her house and I just loved it. Veronica so kindly sent me the pattern and so I've had fun stitching this up! When this gets done it is going in the entryway for sure! Thank you Vero!

And last week I quilted up another Happy Village for my friend, Kaoru-san. There was one day when some of the ladies in our class couldn't come and so Kaoru-san and Eiko-san made Happy Villages. Eiko-san took hers home to work on a few more days (and she brought it back to me yesterday so I will quilt it this week) but I quilted Kaoru-san's and put on a border. I couldn't show it on my blog until I had given it back to her which I did yesterday. Yeah Kaoru-san! (She is one of those people who don't own a sewing machine!)

Back to quilting!

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