Saturday, August 15, 2009

Animal photos

How about some animal pictures? Yeah!

Tonya at Lazy Gal Quilting often says that Pokey and Lily are the most photogenic of her kitties and Howler and Habibi don't take such good pictures. In my family, Chip and Toi are the only ones who are photogenic and the others don't make for such good models. Toi always seems to have a cute expression on his face and during the week he seems to feature most in my photo albums...

Here's Toi on a day we came back from shots at the vet. I guess he didn't get enough of the cat carrier going and coming.

Here is Patora trying to take a nap on one of my quilt pieces. Patora looks cutest when she is asleep.

And here is Chip on the batik Mexican Star quilt. I did get that to flimsy stage but haven't decided what to do with a border yet.

Toi even has a cute personality. He always wants to be touching someone and so he likes to cuddle with Cleo. Cleo doesn't particularly like cuddling, but he's putting up with it...

Here is Toi this morning exploring the roof and tree. He is thinking about climbing down and making an escape but he isn't very agile for a cat so he gave up and came back in the house.

And here is Choco and Chip. Chip does not like Choco and will lash out and spit. The other cats just walk by Choco without a thought. Choco always looks bewildered like "How did this house get so taken over by cats? "

Oh dear. And Velvet doesn't do much but sleep upstairs and slink so he's not much fun to photograph. Poor Vel gets gypped out but I think he prefers it that way. "Everyone just LEAVE ME ALONE!"

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