Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Beetles (and a bad back)

I've got a problem today. I think I slipped a disc or something. Anyway I've got a backache down to my toes and am walking and sitting gingerly or not at all. The unfortunate news is that I can't sew (because it hurts to raise my leg to push the foot pedal. This is the first time I've ever wished I had a sewing machine with manual speed control!). The other bad news is I have to go in to the next city in a couple hours. Maybe aspirin will help. The good news is that I'm not teaching any kindergarten classes today. That would have been a bummer. There will be no jumping around and crawling around on the floor for me today! (And no sewing.)

Yesterday, my pastor who lives on the other side of the forest, was out for a walk and he stopped by my house. And guess what a Japanese pastor brings on a house call? (No, not really.) Six beetles! My pastor's grandsons are going to be visiting him this week from Tokyo so he walked around the forest and found beetles for them. Actually I would think the grandsons would like to go looking for the beetles themselves but maybe my pastor just uses that as an excuse and just likes going beetle hunting.

Anyway I was surprised that beetles could be found so easily around here and commented that in all my years of living here I've never found a beetle. Of course I don't go looking for beetles very often though I know the neighborhood kids have found some in the forest because they've brought them to show me (just like my pastor!) BUT! Last night the cats all started making a ruckus because of some noise on the window screen and low and behold when I checked, there was a beetle trying to flap his/her way into my house! I put the poor thing back in the forest before the cats turned him into a cat toy. They were VERY interested!

Okay, I've got to go get ready to go out... It is going to take me a bit longer than usual so I am signing off!


Janet C said...

Oh dear! Do take care of your back. It is no fun with that kind of pain and if it doesn't go away soon, do go and see a doctor!

Allie said...

Saying a prayer your back feels better quickly, Tanya! Those beetles are creeping me out - egads - I have to show my son, he's going to want to take a trip to Japan!

The Calico Quilter said...

So sorry that your back is out - hope it's better soon.

And you will NOT see me touching a staghorn beetle! Creepy!

Anonymous said...

I have seen those rhinoceros beetle for sale as pets in the department stores in Japan. I had no idea they were native to the area. Hope your back gets better soon so you can get back to your lovely quilts.