Monday, August 24, 2009

Betrayed! Velvet.

Velvet lives in my sewing room. He doesn't like the other cats and will tolerate Chip and Cleo but not Patora and Toi. Patora takes great offense at this and if they ever do meet head on then there is a cat fight and a lot of chasing and spitting and fur flying.

I have the room fixed up for Vel. He has a cat bed on the window sill. He has water and food dishes and a cat box. I spend enough time up in the room that he doesn't really feel lonely... Recently Cleo has found there are benefits to living in the sewing room and he has joined Vel during the day. But Cleo claimed the cat bed and Velvet went to sleep on one of my quilts.

On my shelves (made by Tetsu) I have a couple flimsys and my Feathered Star quilt that I have put aside for quilting until it gets cooler. Vel claimed my Feathered Star as his new bed so I covered it with a towel in hopes of keeping cat fur off of it.

When I'm not in the room I "lock" the door with cording and a nail because Patora knows how to open the door and torment poor Vel. But sometimes I forget to put on the "lock." There was a lot of scuffling and Patora chased Vel downstairs a couple of days ago...

This weekend I noticed the towel was off of my Feathered Star and when I went to put it back... SOME CAT HAS PEED ON MY QUILT!!!!! Probably Vel in a fit of hysteria at being unexpectedly cornered. Oh, glory!~ What am I going to do.

The quilt has only a two or three blocks that have already been quilted. I penciled in all the quilting designs, and I was planning to get back to this in the fall. Well, I was procrastinating, is what I was doing.

I tried quilting the anointed quilt as is but WHEW! there is no way I can stand to hold this thing on my lap for the next couple months when hand quilting. I'd have to hide away in the sewing room the whole time. I'd have to change clothes and take a shower every time I quilted!

ARGHH! This is why I should have finished this up right away! If I wash the quilt now, then my quilting lines might fade away (that's at least what I always hope for when I put them in) but if I leave it I can't stand the smell and it will probably stain. I opted for washing. Thank goodness I hadn't used batting that will shrink up.

My Feathered Star is washed and it looks like the quilting lines have stayed in. The stain is still there too... but the quilt no longer smells. I'm committing to bringing this back downstairs and quilting it 30 minutes a day even if I have to put the air conditioning on!

And I'm putting away all other quilts that Vel might want to sit on.

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