Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bone setting

I don't really want to write this post but in keeping with my journal-type blog here is what I've been doing recently. Blah.

Okay. It has been nearly two weeks since I did something to my back. I waited it out a couple of days. It didn't get better so I went to the doctor. I wrote about that. He said come back in 10 days if there was still pain. I don't know if I'm just not patient or what but the pain seemed to be getting worse and all I've been doing is sitting around the house (lying on the sofa) and watching TV so I went to someone else. It seems when one thing feels bad, then everything gets out of kilter. I can't sleep. I moan and groan. Painkillers are a relief but I don't want to live on painkillers for much longer.

So Friday Tetsu took the morning off from work to take me to a bone setter. It sounds better to call the place an osteopathy clinic. One problem right now is that we are in Obon vacation so all the private doctors are closed. And larger hospitals are far away and sort of give you the run around... So Tetsu checked the Internet and came up with a Bone Setter in the next town over.

What is a bone setter? Well, this place has five therapists and a receptionist and they were all very nice and professional and spent a lot of time talking to me and explaining things and did "therapy". I got advice on exercises, and stretching... Yes, stretching isn't a problem. Nor is turning nor bending nor any other normal back problems. I got a long back massage and let me tell you, it is not a massage for comfort nor to make you feel sleepy and relaxed. Then I got put on an electricity machine that shoots low volts of electricity into the muscles. And finally put on a stretch bar/step. I came out feeling great! Maybe the biggest reason was that I just felt someone cared. The doctor hadn't even looked at me remember?

But that only lasts a few hours (which was expected) and I went back again yesterday. Much of the same and I chatted with the therapist as she worked on me. I found out that bone setting is covered by Japanese Social insurance whereas chiropractics isn't. You have to pass an exam to become a bone setter. You don't with chiropractics. For some reason acupuncture isn't covered either but they are licensed to do acupuncture and incense therapy. Hmm. One lady had little incense cubes burning on her fingers while I was there. Right now I have little acupuncture pads/needles dotting my back that hopefully will help me over the weekend.

So I am still down and out and not very cheerful. Tetsu is usually the one who has aches and pains and I've never been very sympathetic. Have I mentioned that I'd make a lousy nurse? I guess a few aches of my own will make me realize what other people go through. But I'm a lousy patient too...

This morning we were watching TV and along with a weather forecast, one of the programs had a "Aching Joints Forecast". Do I want to know this or don't want to know this? Today is not supposed to be a great day for aches. Rats.

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