Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Earthquakes and Typhoons

We were awakened this morning by an earthquake. I was feeling it in my dreams when Tetsu started mumbling

"We're having an earthquake. It must be a big one, it keeps going on and on."

But it was too much trouble to wake up so we just lay there and in a few seconds it stopped and we went back to sleep. In the morning news we find that it was a fairly large earthquake though not anywhere near us. Large enough for us to feel the minor tremblings that rippled our way.

The night before we had an earthquake too. I was home alone with the cats and watching TV when it hit and the cats immediately flew under the sofas and chairs. This was actually a larger one than the one this morning's (meaning closer to us. In magnitude I don't think it even got mentioned in the news) and I sat in my chair and wondered if I should crawl under a table or something. My back still doesn't like crawling so I stayed where I was for a few seconds and then remembered that I'd better go check the main gas line in the kitchen in case the earthquake got worse.

Just as I was sitting back down another wave hit and the walls started shaking and Choco (in the house) started barking. Actually I couldn't think of a safer place for any of us to be. I was sitting next to the quilt wall so the only thing that might fall on me was the quilt, the cats were all hidden (I suppose Vel too, I didn't go up to check) and Choco was in her cage which is covered with a tablecloth. All our heads were protected so I figured we were good. The earthquake died away but not without a last crash from the other room. Whoops. Something's broke! Later I found a pottery bowl had fallen and shattered. Rats, that was a nice bowl.

Japan is the land of earthquakes. They are so common that I don't get too upset. I've been in a couple larger earthquakes, though the most notorious earthquake that hit Kobe in 1995 was much too far away for us to feel. Even so, after hearing of the horrors of that on the news I was jumping at every little sound and thump for the next couple months.

"What if this is the big one?"

For awhile I kept two large tanks of water in storage for use in case of emergency but I got lazy and don't do that anymore...

Trains are down in Tokyo this morning, walls have fallen down there and the news reports that roof tiles have crumbled. I don't think many people have gotten injured though. Everyone has been more concerned about the typhoon that has also hit this area and there has been much more damage associated with that natural phenomenon.

We are expecting the typhoon to reach us this afternoon so the news is full of warnings to stay away from rivers and the seaside and sides of mountains. I guess I'll stay home and sew...

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