Monday, August 31, 2009

Plunge in!

The other day Holly blogged about joining a gym with her husband. Yesterday I took the plunge and joined the swimming pool center that Tetsu has been going to! Unthinkable!

Tetsu has been water walking for the past month. He loves it! That's all he talks about! He has become quite boring and every morning all I hear is how many laps he has walked (it is not really a "swimming" pool), what exercises he does, how his muscles are becoming more defined (he thinks), the different people and their routines that he copies, the belt notch difference, the GRAMS of weight he has lost. BORING!!!

But he is enjoying himself and the pool gives him something to look forward to.

But I have been finding myself getting sour.

"It is all fine and dandy for you to become slim and trim (maybe... I don't see it yet) while I sit here flabby. Yeah, and how was my day? I cleaned, I taught, I walked the dog, I sewed (well, that's an extremely high plus point)."

"You should come too, Tanya! It's fun!"

"Tetsu, I don't like water. I don't like swim suits. I don't like the swim caps that squeeze your head and pull up your eyebrows. I don't like driving at night. There's no way I can go every night. If I start swimming after English at night who is going to cook our dinner?"

I thought up all sorts of excuses but IF we really go to the pool (and Tetsu does) then for our money it is a good investment for health.

I hemmed and hawed a bit more, "...grumble, grumble. What are we going to do about dinner? Can I even get to the pool three times a week?"

But there is no getting around the fact that I have more rolls of flab than I used to.

Last night I signed up and became a yearly member. Tetsu and I walked around the pool for an hour. He kept coming up behind me (he is a faster walker) and throwing comments at me.

"Are you having fun?"

"If you move your arms like this you'll get more resistance."

"Do you want to go in the sauna with me?"

"Don't tire yourself out the first time."

Sigh... Wish me luck. Actually I'm looking forward to this evening. I don't know what I'm going to do about dinner...

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