Sunday, August 02, 2009

Quilt voices

I got some sewing done yesterday. I started in on the Mexican Stars quilt. Actually I had cut out most of the pieces a few days ago and I sewed them together the day before yesterday. Yesterday I did the finishing touches on the top.

Well. I went ahead and used the rust fabrics just because that was the original plan. Hmm. Okay I guess. I love the pattern but the rusts are kind of bland. Maybe Mexican looking though... Sort of an adobe feel... The curve effect is made last and that was easy to do, too.

Now I have to figure out what to do about quilting. This ALWAYS happens when I am thinking of doing machine quilting. When I do hand quilting I consider different feathers and motifs and draw them in and know exactly what I'm going to be doing for the next month or two. With machine quilting I don't have the slightest idea where to start. Do I want to just fill in the lighter areas? CAN I even make uniform feathers all meandering around. I know with hand quilting that unless I spill a cup of coffee on it I probably won't ruin the quilt but with machine quilting my quilt always is at risk of being ravaged. I imagine a quilt looking up at me and saying,

"Be gentle. Try not to kill me. I'd much rather make friends with your quilting hoop than with your sewing machine."

I'm still considering Mexican quilting designs. (CT, do you have any advice for me?)

Oh well. While I was up in the sewing room and really seeing this quilt in batiks I started cutting into more fabrics. I sort of designed as I went along because most of my batiks are in fat quarters. (The pattern calls for width of fabric). Doubts about how this is going too because it is too lavender and green for me at this point. Maybe some black in there? Some pink or orange? What is this quilt saying to me?

"I can be SOOOO stunning! You need to put something else up there so that I'll really shine!"

I hope I'm not the only one who hears quilt voices...


Anonymous said...

Omg! You are so fast! Both quilts are great! Wish my the quilt I'm working on now spoke to me! I have had it on the design board for over a week now and we're both are snoring.

artfilstitch said...

You are a "speedy gonzales"! What is the speed limit on your sewing machine? I need your machine...:>)
The mexican stars quilt is beautiful, you did a great job. I think adding an orange-red batik to your batik quilt would look good and add some warmth to the cool colors. (just my opinion)
It will be beautiful anyway that you decide to finish. Will be waiting for the finishing touches.
Take care,

Rae Ann said...

I don't hear quilts talking yet, I guess because it seems as though I never finish any one project before moving on to the next. I have so many "wanna do quilts", but seem to run out of the thing called time!

Allie said...

That is spectacular!!!!! I love it! I also love the idea of Mexican Love the new one too, I agree with orange/red to add some punch.

Mary said...

Tanya, I think your fabric choices are great -- this looks gorgeous -- not too dull at all.

Anonymous said...

do you sleep?

Joyce said...

Tanya, Love both quilts. You could put bright borders on the batik one and that would spice it up. Love the Mexican Star one with the rust color. Maybe a tiny border and then a wide one on it>


Meggie said...

Sometimes my quilts talk, other times they sulk!
I could see pink or orange in that last one, to give a lift.

Christine Thresh said...

That curve effect is really clever. Did the instructions come in a pattern?
I think the quilt is wonderful.

Sandy said...

Excellent quilts that you have been making. The Mexican Star is so awesome. Keep up the good work.
Thank you for showing us.

Quilter Kathy said...

Your Mexican stars are wonderful! It's going to be a trickey one to quilt! yikes!
I hear quilts whispering to me too. Usually they are not begging for their lives though LOL!!!

Marilyn R said...

I have had fabrics in the quilt store say, "Take me home with you!" I have also hear quilts talk too, so you are not alone! The Mexican Stars are beautiful, and I really like the rust one too!