Friday, August 21, 2009

Two cat cushions finished

My quiet girls finished their cat cushions. Who knows if they went home happy or not... The cat cushions took us two weeks to make (and neither girl could come last week so this project stretched over three weeks).

The first week I taught them how to sew the leaders/enders together and make rows and then sew the rows together. One girl understood about trying to match seams. The other girl never did. They each made a "large" pieced rectangle and then we sandwiched them and they quilted them. One girl couldn't remember to stay on the lines she had drawn and so her quilting lines were quite zigzagged. The other girl's was more uniform.

After they had got everything quilted I had them cut out the head and body of the cat and they took home embroidery thread and embroidered the faces.

During the next week I machine quilted (did an absolutely lousy job!) a grid on another piece of fabric for the back of the cushions and I also made the pieced tails (if I'd instructed them to make a bigger rectangle I could have avoided this step). I went ahead and made the tails for the cushions.

Finally yesterday the girls came and sewed the head parts and body parts and then stuffed the cushions and closed the openings. We managed to break one sewing machine needle and that sent the sewing machine into a lot of grinding, protesting noise but I think permanent damage was averted.

And finally with a bit of ribbon the cushions were done...

No smiles... until I made them.

Maybe I'll try cooking next week...

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