Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back in the living world

Nothing to report on the cat situation.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts yesterday. I'm so glad to know that I'm not headed for the funny farm and if I am that there are a couple of you who would go with me! And I'm so thankful that there are so many animal lovers out in the world!

This is how I looked yesterday. Tetsu was trying to make me laugh after my emotional roller coaster of the day before. I still wasn't laughing when he took the picture but I did today when I put it in the computer. I've got a few furry friends there trying to comfort me. (I don't know why the towel was on my head...)

And because Tetsu was threatening to boycott my blog if I posted anymore pictures of him, this one is REALLY trying to get me to smile!

"Here. Take my picture and show people that I don't really look like a slob all the time!"

This is a sign of love that he'll offer to pose.

So I'm back in the living world and wanted to show you what I was doing before the cat interruption.

My friend Julia sent me this fantastic link a few days ago! Fantastic!!! Julia is very update on what is going on in the computer world. She knows of links for everything! Anyway she sympathised with my machine quilting efforts and had found this link not long ago and let me know about it.

Leah Day is a young woman that has started a 365 project for sewing up a filler pattern everyday of the next year! Wow, has this girl got ideas! The patterns are so interesting! I decided to try my hand (not committing myself to all of them) and see if I can improve my quilting skills a bit. Of course so far I haven't even needed to do too much filling but it never hurts to learn how. So these are my attempts. The first three worked out well. The last one doesn't look much like Leah's. I think I should have taken the computer upstairs to the sewing room and used a visual prompt. Please take a look at Leah's and see what this is supposed to look like.

The first one is called Shadow Waves.

This one is called Etch 'n Sketch.

This one is called Gentle Flames.

And the last is Swirling Flames.

I need to get some binding put on my Mexican Stars quilt. Yes, I finally quilted that last week but I'm not completely happy with the result... Ah well, learning something at every turn!

Much love to you all and thank you again!

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