Friday, September 11, 2009

Cat crazy

My animals have been quiet this summer (well, Choco is never quiet but she hasn't been doing anything interesting lately). They just laze around, occasionally rip up something (Tetsu re-wallpapered a wall that had been badly cat scratched) and eat a lot.

Last weekend I bought the cats a cat toy. I don't know why I bother. They don't seem to be interested in cat toys but I thought this one might have play incentive. It is a super duper diet ball but I have my doubts about its effectiveness. The cat food gets put inside, the little windows open around it and as the cat plays, a niblet of food falls through the holes now and then. Right now only Toi is the only one that will bat this around a bit. I'm not sure if he's getting exercise (and hopefully losing weight) or just eating twice his normal intake throughout the day. No other cat cares to work for an extra snack so it all goes to Toi.

He does look a little chubby. He likes to tease Choco by sitting on the window sill and provoking a canine uproar.

Here's an interesting "perspective" on cats. I was scanning something off yesterday when Chip jumped up on the scanner. Wait! That's not good for the scanner! But look, a cute scan of Chip's front paw got scanned. Talk about a cat crazed woman... I put Chip back on the scanner and scanned her! I'm not making a practice of this but it's an unusual picture. I need to clean the scan screen now...

And as it heads into cooler weather, all the cats congregate on the sofa (with some cat cushions) and cuddle. Poor Vel is still left out but I do think I have enough cats don't you?

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